How Not to Read a Book

How Not to Read a Book

How Not to Read a Book

From time to time, we crack open a book, only to put it back down after 15 minutes and forget about until 5 months down the road. The way you really read a book can affect how much you enjoy it, so try to avoid doing these things to really get the most of the next book that you read.

From the Back to the Front

How Not to Read a Book

We all know that one person who likes to spoil the plot for themselves by reading the last 30 pages of the book before they even start from the beginning. If you’re not a heavy bookworm, then this will definitely prevent you from even finishing the book in an appropriate time. Why? You already know how it ends, why bother reading all the way through the middle. If you’re this type of reader, you’ll definitely have authors rolling in their graves.

I did that once and I felt completely unmotivated to continue reading the book.

Watching the Movie Before Reading the Book

How Not to Read a Book

Sure, we all want to see that new teen movie with our best friends and talk about it all day long. But if you haven’t had a chance to read the book that it’s based on yet, stop. Don’t watch that movie (unless you’re not planning to ever read the book). More often than not, movies tend to be similar to the books that they’re based off of – keyword here is based, and can be drastically different from what you read. If you want to see the story from the author’s point of view, make sure to read the book first.

You may like how the movie ended much better than the book itself, but at least you’ll understand how the author intended the story to be. And sure, reading the book might take a long time, but when you read, you’re more focused on the story as opposed to when you’re watching a movie.

You’re more likely remember the book better than just watching the movie.

Reading the Most Popular Book

How Not to Read a Book

We all want to be in the know, but the same way we don’t like all types of food, we won’t like all types of books. Just because it’s the most popular book on the market at the moment, doesn’t mean that it’ll be popular for you. So give it a go if you want, but if you’re not feeling the book, put it down and start another one.

Reading a book that isn’t interesting may affect your opinion of reading and can even cause you to never want to read a book again.

Listening to an E-Book

How Not to Read a Book

E-book readers are fun and make it easier to carry books onto the bus without having to lug all of that extra weight, but when it turns into listening to an audio recording, things go downhill. We understand that everyone leads a busy lifestyle, from going to work, taking care of kids to exercising at the gym. And even though we may want to read, sometimes we just can’t fit in the time to devour that book in one sitting. Websites like Audible allow us to listen to books while we lead our busy lives, but are we really reading anymore?

When you listen to something, your selective hearing can tune out what’s being said. So often times you’ll miss those minor details when you’re busy scrubbing the toilet gunk off the ceramic bowl. Instead, set some time aside everyday to read some pages out of your current book. Although you may not be able to finish your novel as quickly as you’d like, you’ll be able to appreciate the content of the novel at lot more than if you were listening to the book.

Try reading your book 10 minutes before you go to sleep, or 10 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning when you just want to laze around a little bit longer

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