7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Throughout our lives we’ve had relationships. Whether it’s that play school puppy love or the real thing the way we went about it determined our level of maturity. Here are seven signs that you’ve grown up.

You Look for Personality, Not Looks

7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Then: When we were young we’d want to date the hottest most popular guy at school. The one who all the girls wanted. You didn’t care that he was dumber that a pile of rocks and smoked his brains out. It was all about face value. Oh, you want to become an entrepreneur selling t-shirts with your face? Okay, cool I support you hundo p!!!!

Now: Just kidding, you still look for looks. They just matter a fraction less. Now you’re past that stoner phase. You’re into guys with substance. Intelligence, ambition, and he loves his mom. You look for a who is always learning and about to become a CEO. Is it getting hot in here? Looks matter of course, but I mean a 7 in the face with a good personality makes a 10 right?

You Don’t Publicize Your Relationship Status

7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Then: Back in the day, as soon as you got into a relationship you’d make it Facebook official. It’s not legit til then right? The exhilaration of putting your status as “In A Relationship with” made you feel special, huh? Oh yah and all that attention you get when your status says single. You depended on likes and how many people approved of your status and having your best friends comment ‘OMG so cute guys’.

Now: You don’t feel the need to have your relationship details posted all over the internet. You leave a bit of mystery besides the odd photo or two of you and your bae. Relationship statuses are so tacky.

You Handle Other Girls Silently

7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Then: Your boyfriend’s ex asked him for a pencil in bio. OMG she totally wants him. At this point you take to social media for subliminal messages. MSN for your statuses and post stuff like “I love him, oh yes I do, he’s for me and not for you. If by chance you take my place I’ll take my fist and smash your face!” You get confrontational and stalk your boyfriend for every chance that he’s talking to a next bitch. You are seething with jealousy. She’s not even that pretty.

Now: In the case that she’s his ex, you ask him about it. Or maybe you’re confident enough to know that he only has eyes for you.  Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can possess. You change your attack plan to friendship because there is no better way to watch an ex or another girl than by being friends with her. Let that bitch know her place. Secretly, of course.


7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Then: Oh you couldn’t wait to push your man up against the locker at school and savagely eat each other’s faces. Hormones were raging. You could barely keep it in the pants. Plus, you wanted everyone to know that they needed to back the f*ck off. You want to let the world know that you’re having sex.

Now: Holding hands and the occasional public kiss. Some of us don’t even like PDA. You gag at the sight of couples dry humping on the park bench. You don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone.Your sex life is private. It’s only between you and your man. And your girls.

You Talk In Person, Not Through Social Media

7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Then: Texting and MSN chat instead of talking in person. If your boyfriend pissed you off, you’d post a Facebook status: “Sometimes people are so inconsiderate. Literally, heartbroken.” Okay, as if he didn’t know it was about him. Tumblr was your best friend. Those quotes = your life. #relationshipgoals

Now: Instead of posting your business all over the internet you maturely talk about it. You realize your problems are between you and him and not you, him, and your social media following.

You Like Him For Who He Is

7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Then: When you didn’t like your boyfriend you’d bitch about him to all your friends. From his annoying voice when he talks to the guys to the way his car smelled like a locker room, you made it known that you weren’t about it. You’d cry about how he couldn’t change and expect him to change for you. You’d bitch and you’d fight and inevitably you’d break up. The perfect man would change for you right?

Now: You date a person because you accept their faults. Yah you may not like some stuff you do but you realize you’re not perfect (what!?) You don’t try to change them. Except when it comes to fashion. Because well you can’t walk around with a guy wearing cargo pants and flip flops.

You Handle Breakups With Grace (kind of)

7 Signs of Maturity: Relationships Then vs. Now

Then: When the day game that you or him ended it (most likely you did obvi), you’d make sure the world knew. Facebook status: Single. AND looking. As if that weren’t enough, it’s time for the calvary. You and your girls are headed to the bar tonight. Nothing like a series of drunk mistakes and slutty pics to make your ex realize he misses you right? You hear some Taylor Swift. Ooouu Girl she knows. You can’t live without him.

Now: Yah maybe you still go out and get a bit drunk. And maybe sob to a person or two. Or maybe you sit in your living room with a tub of Ben and Jerrys, pizza, wine and cheese to numb your emotions. You’re probably watching Netflix romance films with sad love songs in the background. Why can’t all guys be like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook? But in the end you know you’ll be alright. Tomorrow you’ll hit the gym and get back in shape you hot bitch.

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