Retail Therapy is Totally a Thing

Retail Therapy is a Thing

You’ve all heard of retail therapy. And get this shopaholics, it’s an actual thing.

I don’t think that any of us can deny how great purchasing a new pair of shoes can make you feel. And how after an uneventful or disappointing day, buying even a cute new pair of socks can make you feel better. So even though you know this, here are the arguments you can use to convince other people your retail therapy isn’t just a waste of money.

Shopping is social

Guys go shopping to buy stuff — girls go shopping to chill and hang out (and buy stuff). We’re social creatures by nature. A lot of the time, shopping makes us feel good because it’s a time we spend with our friends. And even solo shopping, when you’re making a purchase for someone you care about, that’s how you buy happiness.

Retail Therapy is a Thing

You give yourself a mental vacation

There are two ways to shop: calculated, smart, purpose driven shopping and then mindless, go-with-the-flow, follow-your-heart shopping. It’s this follow-your-heart shopping mode of retail therapy that gives you a mental vacation. It gives your brain a break and just lets you go to your happy place, looking at clothes and playing with various things. It’s kind of a no-brain game.

You get inspired

Let me clarify, retail therapy includes window shopping. You don’t always actually have to purchase something! Even by just looking at different pieces of clothing can inspire you and your sense of style, just as looking at pretty images or browsing Pinterest can. Buying a new scarf make you excited to piece together some new colder weather outfits and give you feelings of anticipation when you’re imagining yourself rocking this new piece — retail therapy. Retail Therapy is a Thing

You feel in control

When you’re sad or upset, a lot of the time the reason comes down to feeling a lack of control over your situation. But retail therapy helps because you are in control when you’re buying something. You’re buying a garlic press because you know it’s going to change your garlic life. You’re taking control of your cooking through this purchase. That’s what I call retail therapy.

You treat yourself

When you’re down because you did badly on a test, or your project didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped at work, you feel bad about yourself. And here’s where the therapy part comes in: By treating yourself, you’re saying you have value and you’re still worth spending money on. L’Oréal has smart marketing doesn’t it?

Retail Therapy is a Thing

(The Dangers)

Of course, retail therapy works if it’s within reason people. So don’t be depleting your life savings every time you feel a little under the weather. Here’s a smart shopping tip to help you make retail therapy decisions!

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