Rihanna’s FIFA World Cup Joke Makes Light of Domestic Abuse

Rihanna's FIFA World Cup Joke Makes Light of Domestic Abuse

Rihanna has been a fairly active FIFA World Cup supporter on her Twitter page by regularly tweeting during matches. She has shown a great amount of support for Brazil, even to the point of Tweeting a nude photo of herself covered in what appears to be polaroid shots of the country’s national flag.

Yesterday’s unexpected game of Germany beating Brazil 7-0 elicited another Tweet from Miss RiRi herself. This time it was of a completely different nature. Not nearly as supportive and making slight of a serious topic, domestic abuse.

Rihanna's FIFA World Cup Joke Makes Light of Domestic Abuse

It has yet to be confirmed whether or not this Tweet was real or someone’s sick idea of a joke. It has since gone viral across the internet which makes it even more difficult to track down if it was actually Tweeted by Rihanna herself. A quick look at her Twitter page reveals no trace of this Tweet, which could mean it was either deleted, or someone photoshopped this image. If you quickly take a stroll through her Twitter feed, you’ll notice that rarely any of her posts have Emojis, and almost 100% of them are capitalized at the beginning of the Tweet. So for now we are hoping that this Tweet is as fake as the Loch Ness Monster.

Her Tweet is reminiscent of the brutal 2009 beating she took from Chris Brown. Their reconciliation in 2013 already rocked the world by titling Rihanna as the girl-who-went-back. Is this another nod at how easily she brushed off the whole situation?

Rihanna's FIFA World Cup Joke Makes Light of Domestic Abuse

Regardless of how fake the Tweet may have been, to compare a loss of a soccer team to being beat through domestic abuse is a pretty sad situation. People across the world are trapped in situations where they can’t escape their aggressor and it definitely isn’t something to have a light laugh at. Hopefully in the meantime Rihanna will somehow address this joke and treat the situation with the respect it demands. As she is a role model for many young women and men around the world, we hope that she will utilize her influence to address this plight and educate others of the consequences of domestic abuse.

If it was a real Tweet from Rihanna, then all we can do is shake our heads and move on. She has the biggest voice to be heard regarding the situation considering the amount of time a spot light on her. We would hope that she would speak out against it and empower individuals to leave the people who are abusing them.

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