Why Romantic Movies Are Ruining Your Love Life

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter, I just have a grip on reality. The main problem with romantic movies, is that it gives people an unrealistic idea about relationships and love. All romantic movies have a general standard that conditions what we as girls anticipate. Watching them over and over again, it begins to cloud what we see as fiction and reality. If you’re a boy, you’d know what I’m talking about. Sometimes, you need to take a step back, and come back to the real world, because life isn’t always as happy as movies. Here’s why your love life is impaired by watching romantic movies:

You Expect Too Much

Why Romantic Movies Are Ruining Your Love Life

There is no understatement in this statement at all. Ever wonder why you can never find a “nice” or “perfect” guy? How about why he thinks you’re crazy? Maybe you wonder why men always break up with you? This is why.

Love and fate is always practiced in romantic movies. It’s like your next man will always be perfect, exceeding every expectation you have. He will satisfy your material pleasures by buying you plenty of diamonds and jewelry. He will also leave you a box with a sexy outfit, shoes, and note saying “Yo, you’re my princess and I love you. Let’s go to this 10 star restaurant tonight. Wear this.”. Maybe not that blunt, but you get the point. He will also always cook you fine dining meals, let you freeload off his life, and get along really well with your friends and family. He won’t be jealous, he will encourage you to do whatever you want, and will never be late. He is also dashingly handsome and will put together many cute, romantic projects to profess his love unconditionally. That’s the perfect man.

Every girl should have a man like that, right? It’s good to strive for perfect before you marry to ensure the highest level of happiness? Wrong. No one is perfect, and no guy likes a high maintenance girl who has too many expectations. He’s your man, not your bitch.

Love Isn’t Exclusive To One Person

Why Romantic Movies Are Ruining Your Love Life

The person you feel like you want to be with for the rest of your life is in front of you. You’ve never loved anyone as much before. Every time you see him you get butterflies. He must be the one. You feel like you’ll be together forever. He’s the first man you’ve ever had strong feelings towards. He may even be your first boyfriend. He’s the one.

Sorry, but he isn’t necessarily the one. Most people go through multiple relationships. And for the relationships, I’m assuming you’ve said “I love you” to at least 30% of them. Now you’re saying it to him too? You’re saying he’s the one because he’s the one you currently love and the feelings are real. As for the rest who you confessed to weren’t “real love”? How do you justify that? In a person’s life, they’ve experienced love multiple times. At one point you did love your ex‘s. Otherwise, why else would have been with them? Just because you have someone new in your life, doesn’t dismiss your feelings in the past. Just like how it doesn’t mean he’s the first you’ve “loved” and he must be the one. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they’re your ‘soulmate’.

Everything Doesn’t Always End Happy

Why Romantic Movies Are Ruining Your Love Life

We see it all the time in romantic movies. A problem or crises comes up between a couple and they begin bickering or distancing themselves. A bunch of events take place, and in the end, they’re happily ever after. Even if a problem doesn’t occur, the one you pursue, you always get and end happily ever after, right? That’s the law of life in love stories. We’ve seen it many, many times in Disney too. If you stick through it, it will end well.

Realistically, that isn’t the case. I have to burst your bubble of delusions. #Sorrynotsorry. I’m not cruel, I’m just doing you a favour. If everyone thinks things will end happy if they persevere through it, there’d be too many problems. I’m talking serious cases like domestic abuse. That just calls for a happily never ever. Just because you stay with the abuser and keep trying to change them for the better, doesn’t mean it will always end well. Not to mention smaller cases like arguments. Some people intentionally start arguments to entertain their lives, meanwhile, some are just hard to agree with. But that doesn’t guarantee it to end well and have all the bumps smooth out. The truth is, not everyone gets a happy ending.

Sex In Movies Isn’t Real

Why Romantic Movies Are Ruining Your Love Life

Sex with that special someone, the love of your life must be passionate. It shouldn’t even be classified as sex, more like “making love” as the romantic movies say. To the man, it’s not just about getting his dick in a hole, it goes way beyond that. Sensual, steamy, and amazing.

But just as men think porn sex is real,  women think all sexual acts in movies is real. But really, it’s not. It just looks amazing because it’s hollywood or on film. Even the way sex is carried out in films isn’t the same. Sometimes it is, but most of the time, guys will follow porn, while girls assume and follow movies. I think we all know they’re both polar opposites. If you keep expecting it to be like movies, good luck to you and your sex life.

What’s your favourite romantic movie?

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