Who Said Chivalry Was (Completely) Dead?

Horse Fixed

Ok, so I’m not saying that us ladies aren’t capable of doing everything guys can (and often better).

But every once in while it’s nice to come across a guy or girl who’s willing to borrow some ideas from generations past. Here are some classic acts of chivalry that should make a comeback:

1. Lending a Sweater or Jacket

So I always thought that the idea of anyone using their jacket to keep someone from stepping into a puddle was utterly ridiculous. (WE CAN SEE IT. THE PUDDLE IS RIGHT THERE) With that being said, using a jacket for its intended purpose – keeping someone warm – is perfectly acceptable! Maybe you misread the weather forecast for the day or just forgot to wear layers – either way, making sure that your significant other stays warm is super considerate.

2. Walking You to the Door

Chances are, nothing’s going to mysteriously emerge from the bushes and attack you on the long trek from the road to your front door. But that doesn’t mean having someone walk you up to your apartment or front porch after a date is a bad thing! Having a guy or girl walk you to your front door lets you know that he or she cares about you, even without the threat of a mysterious bush attacker. Plus it gives you extra time to process your soon-to-be-finished date and make the goodbye a little less awkward.

Gift Fixed

3. Giving Gifts

Of course, this can go both ways. Getting gifts is kind of the best, and seeing your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/husband’s/wife’s face when he or she opens a present is even better!


See, nothing wrong with a little old-fashioned courtesy!

But what happens when chivalry crosses the line into condescension? Here are the list of so-called polite acts that should probably stay obsolete:

Paying Fixed

1. Paying for Meals (All the Time)

Before you start protesting, having your date pay for dinner every once in a while is totally fine. But all the time? Unless it’s understood that you’re going through a hard time financially and need a little time before you start paying for anything other than necessities, having your date automatically assume that it’s his or her responsibility to pay for food (or movie tickets, etc.) is questionable at best.

Door Fixed

2. Opening the Door for You

Nice, but kind of unnecessary. In my opinion, if you get to the door first then you should keep it open for the person behind you, and vice versa. Easy enough, right?

Chivalry Fixed

3. Pulling Out Your Chair

Ok, this one’s completely unnecessary. If you’re in a relationship with someone who does this, then more power to you! But if I’m being honest, would I want someone to go out of their way to make sure I’m sitting comfortably? I think I can take care of that one myself.

There’s a fine line between being chivalrous and being demeaning or patronizing. Hopefully our list helps you understand the difference!

Tell Us…

Do you think chivalry is dead? Why or why not?



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    • Hi Novellette! We’ve never seen the jacket over a puddle thing happen in real life, but if we did, I think we’d be pretty impressed regardless.. haha!


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