You may think that with the holiday season being finished, all of the festivities are to be put into a box and shoved away into the basement until next year. But that’s not the case at Destination Femme. Every day is a celebration for us, and this past weekend we decided to celebrate by attending the Canada’s Bridal Show.

Most of the year’s proposals occur over the holidays, hello getting engaged under mistletoe – how romantic is that! The best time to attend a wedding/bridal show is immediately after you’ve gone back to work once the New Year has past. Isn’t it nice to take a reprieve after a long week at work to taste cake and to look at bouquets and photographs all evening with your wedding entourage? We sure think so!

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The first thing to do is to pick a venue. Since venues tend to book up fast, you want to secure one ASAP so that you’re not stuck waiting over a year for your special day. Only once you’ve got that venue picked out can you send out those save-the-date letters. The up-and-coming wedding trend is to go all out luxe, with beautiful chateaus that mimic a celebrity wedding in Versailles (Kim K, you’re giving all brides a run for their money!).

We Said Yes! - To Attend Canada's Bridal Show

We found out that Chateau Le Parc is a new venue that’s soon to be completed in Vaughan that caters to an artisan experience. Not only can they bring in celebrity chefs to cater your event, but the menu is completely customizable for ethnic recipes and to whatever you want to serve. Not only is your menu customizable, but the venue easily adapts to your needs as well. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding but the rain suddenly starts coming down, you can easily move your party to the indoor portion of the venue.

If you’re already hooked on the idea of having your wedding at this 5 star venue, then make sure to book with them as soon as possible. Construction is predicted to be completed by September 28th and doors will be open by January 1st of next year. We’re quite sure that as soon as dates are available, couples looking for the ultimate luxury experience will be snatching up the earliest dates!

We Said Yes! - To Attend Canada's Bridal Show

Naturally once you’ve secured yourself a venue, you’ll let out a sigh of relief. Everything else should flow smoothly right? Wrong, there’s still so much more left to plan! Let’s start with the cake. We were awed by the beautiful delicacies displayed in the Cake Creations by Michelle booth and were amazed that Michelle was so dedicated to her art that she only takes on 1-2 clients a week!

On average, each cake can take roughly 5-8 hours from start to finish, although some range from 3-20 hours. Michelle told us that the currently reigning popular flavor is still red velvet and that this year’s colors of choice rotate around vintage palettes. But don’t think that vintage colors mean boring cakes. In the absence of color there lies lots of texture. Sugar roses and ruffles appear to receiving a thumbs up in the popularity contest as well as cupcake tiers as opposed to cakes.

We Said Yes! - To Attend Canada's Bridal Show

But obviously you can’t just have cake at a party, so naturally we moved onto the treats! Next up was Mel Sweets. Run by Jociene Felipe and her team, Jociene works part time as a nurse and spends the rest of her time catering weddings and events through her Brazilian style favors. Although her deserts are priced at $2.10/each, the more you buy, the better the deal she can offer you.

We were delighted to find out that Jociene can cater to any dietary restrictions (due to her experience as a nurse), and although orders are usually placed with 300-400 pieces on average, each and every order is made fresh. Why? Because although it’s easy for Jociene to prepare all of the food in advance, she only uses the freshest ingredients that result in the purest of flavors, therefore only giving her treats a shelf life of 1 week.

We Said Yes! - To Attend Canada's Bridal Show

Having secured both the cake and dessert department, we decided to move onto transportation because who needs a real meal right? As Marie Antoinette would say “let them eat cake!”, we’re skipping the main course and going straight to the party bus. Recently, the bride and groom’s wedding party has grown larger as people in the 21st century have grown to be more social. Naturally you would want your closest friends and family to be there for every moment of the day. Baboom! A limo-bus for your entourage. Enter L. A. Limosines. Their 50 seater (that’s the biggest bus in Ontario!) vehicle is fully decked out in marble counters, leather couches as well as your own private bar once you’re ready to get the bubbly flowing.

All of the AV is completely customizable to your tastes and you can choose to either provide a CD with your favorite mix (hello grandma) or connect your phone via BlueTooth and stream your favorite Songza list. And with a 7.1 surround sound system, you can guarantee that those at the back will be just as immersed in the whole experience as those right up at the front.

But if live-music is more of your thing, L. A. Limosines has teamed up with BONGO & B Ent. to provide live bongo players for the duration of your ride. If live bongo players can’t get your party going then we don’t know what will!

We Said Yes! - To Attend Canada's Bridal Show

Clearly if you’re having the time of your life, you’re going to want a photographer there to catch all of the moments so that you can look back on your 5th anniversary and reminisce what an amazing day it was. Danielle Blancher’s exuberant attitude caught us off guard and had us doing a double-back to her booth.

She prides herself in being able to adapt a client’s needs, whatever they may be. And because of that, all of her packages are fully customizable. She’s even got one that will not only save you money, but will save you time when it comes to the planning part as well: you’d get the photographer as well as a makeup artist and hairstylist to name a few that will come to you and have you looking picture perfect. Forget spending days trying out hairstyles at different salons, you’ve already got a trusted one ready to work your best!

But besides just offering amazing packages, Danielle loves to get personal with her clients by getting to know them prior to the big day. She feels that the relationships that she builds leading up to the big day help her to capture the best images – candidly. Sometimes things happen in a blink of an eye, and if you miss out, then you miss out. But if you can anticipate what’ll happen, then the best photos are sure to be delivered.

[quote_center]What’s next on the list for us? To get hitched of course! Any takers?[/quote_center]

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