10 Facts to Know about Sam Smith


He’s on the charts everywhere and you recognize that Dracula hair from a mile away but who is this soul singer with the angelic voice? The British lad’s name is Sam Smith and he’s already melting hearts at only 22 years old. His debut album has been hopping up charts ever since its release in May thanks to rich songs like “Stay with Me”. You were intrigued by Sam when you heard “Latch” by Disclosure and amazed after hearing his part in Naughty Boy’s “La La La” hit song but now he’s taking over the music world solo. Here are 10 facts you didn’t know about this young talent!

1. Beyoncé was an artist he listened to while making his album, all hail Queen Bey.

2. The album is based on his personal experience of unrequited love in London.

3. His voice cracked a lot during his teen years but he trained it to sing even a Whitney Houston falsetto.

4. He’s 6’4″. Wowzers!

5. Sam started training under a jazz vocalist at the age of 8.

6. When his mum got drunk at dinner parties, she would make him sing for everyone.

7. He is a complete feminist. Quoted from an interview.

8. At an after-school party, he had his first drink at 16.

9. He’s never been in a relationship

10. But…he hopes to find a guy who can love him the way he can love. Sexuality curiosity satisfied.

He’s no over night success after shuffling through eight managers and moving all the way to London from his small town to find fame. Sam Smith knows how to speak the raw truth and he doesn’t care if you think he’s fat. This man has sincere heart and soul to pour into his music. Check out his album here!

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