School Etiquette for All Ages

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Well, well, well, our once little babies are now school kids! What a great adventure school is. From the friends we meet and keep for a lifetime to the teachers who inspire us for years and years to come. The truth is – we all go through school but how do we make it absolutely, fabulously fun for both our children and ourselves? Please note: School is supposed to be fun for everyone, if it’s not then we are doing it wrong! Just because there is school etiquette to follow doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

School Etiquette for All AgesAfter all, us moms, are in this journey too and not just our kids. Mommies do the drop-off and pick-up of the kids, unless of course the children are taking the school bus. We also meet with other parents and teachers therefore and we have to know how to behave when on school property and this, sexy mommies, is called ‘School Etiquette’. Oh yes, it’s very real and here’s the scoop on it!

Morning drop-off etiquette (if walking to school).

On our morning drop-off to school with our kids we greet and meet all the neighbourhood families making their way to school as well. This is a great time for us moms to chat and get to know other parents while the kids are getting to know their peers. It can be a simple “Hello, how are you?” to start a conversation.

The main key is to have a smile on your face and be approachable. Our little ones copy our behaviour – let’s teach them from now that saying “Hello!” is a nice thing to do. When we greet other mommy parents the kids take note from our positive interactions and begin to freely approach their school friends in the same manner. Can we agree that being approachable will only do us good in life? Let’s face it – people will go up to smiling faces and spark conversations with them as opposed to grumpy faces who are, most of the time, sharing negative small talk. It’s never to late to incorporate politeness into your child’s routine, the easiest way is through school etiquette!

Final note: When another sexy mommy smiles at you, smile back!

School Etiquette for All Ages

School Yard Etiquette

Oh there definitely is school etiquette when it comes to the play yard. Once at the school yard ask your daughter/son if they would like you hang around until the school bell rings. Some kids prefer that their parents stay and others if their parents leave. If your kiddo does want you stay a little bit do so without causing a scene: playing tag with the whole school, cracking jokes or taking the spotlight away from the kids! I know you’re laughing, GF, but it does happen.

So many parents start behaving like kids and essentially end up looking completely silly causing embarrassment to their kin. Not that there’s anything wrong with letting our inner child manifest it’s just that there’s a time and place for everything – we shouldn’t do it at our kid’s school – that’s their time to do their thing in their school with their friends. Step back, sip on your Earl Grey and enjoy this generation because, let me tell you, they are awesome! P.S. Being at a school yard is better than your favourite show on TV!

Meet the Teacher Etiquette

School Etiquette for All AgesThis should be exciting. We should want to know who our children are being taught by. However, a lot of parents develop anxiety and fear, for one reason or other – no judgement, and miss out on the opportunity to get to know what our kids are up to during the day. Brave up, mommies, as long as you follow the school etiquette for meet the teacher night, you’ll be fine!

A lot of teachers have e-mails through which we can communicate on a regular basis. A one-on-one with the teacher remains the most organic way to introduce ourselves and meet the teachers who are passionately giving their all to our precious girls and boys. Pop in her classroom after school and ask if he/she has a a quick minute for a question or two. Please do respect their time, they also have families to go to at the end of their work day. Parents who are MIA are seen as nonchalant by teachers – we know that’s not true. We are anything but nonchalant when it comes to our kids. Schedule a time to meet the teacher!

Side note: Still feeling anxious on your first meet with the teacher, GF? Bring along with you a box of chocolates or a cool pen and hand it over at the same time as you say “Hello!” Trust me, this tip will show that you’re familiar with school etiquette at the same time as impressing the teacher.

Learn to Give Etiquette

  1. First day of school and last day of school you’re going empty-handed, mama? Nah-huh, amiga, your hands are missing something. From now on the florist is your best friend right after your BFF. A bouquet for the teacher is a wonderful gesture! Just do it, GF. (Only good comes from this act of kindness)
  2. Cards for every occasion: Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Thank You’s, etc. Buy and give. Encourage the little ones to gift cards to their friends at school while you, sexy mommy, hand over cards to your child’s teachers signed from you. It’s common school etiquette to both give and share for certain occasions. Spread joy, it’s contagious!

Teacher-Child Interaction Etiquette

It is our responsibility to encourage good behaviour in our youth. Begin to allow your children to speak up for themselves. When a teacher greets your daughter with “Good morning, Emma!” and you don’t hear a response from Emma, encourage her to say “Good morning, Mrs. Smith!”. A lot of parents will take the initiative to reply on behalf of their children.

School Etiquette for All AgesDear mommy, your name is not Emma, that’s your child’s name – allow Emma to do the talking, even if it takes her a minute or two! Help your children and patiently guide them towards proper teacher-child interaction etiquette. To learn to speak up for ourselves is an amazing skill to acquire from an early age!

School Clothing Etiquette

Comfort should be first on the list – students need to be able to freely maneuver on school property. I think it’s perfectly fine to allow the kids to choose their own clothes in the morning. They best know which classes they have and what they need to wear accordingly   Clothing should be a freedom of choice, just as speech is. Everyone has a different lifestyle to which their wardrobe is matched. Mommies, let’s support our children’s decisions – they support our wardrobe style. As long as they’re following the school etiquette for how to properly dress, we should support their decisions!

School Etiquette for All AgesAs moms, we could bring to our kid’s collection of clothes stretchy, breathable fabric pieces. Think  comfort meets chic. And as far as us moms and our clothing etiquette? We should also be clothed the way we want to. Again, everyone has a different lifestyle and schedule for which we have to be dressed accordingly to be able to move successfully during our day. Sometimes all we need is a red lip!

Celeb mama alert: Check out Jessica Alba’s chic and free-flowing style with her lovelies! A good attitude from parents and kids goes a long way during the school year. If you set a good example for your little ones, school etiquette won’t be a chore between either of you!

[quote_center]Just remember these two words: Have fun![/quote_center]

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