(Scientific!) Methods to Boost Your Mood at the Office

Exercising. Meditating. Sex. Watching videos of baby cats run around for 2 hours straight.We all know the usual triggers to boost our moods. But unless you have a really cool supervisor and have the ability to casually watch “Nora the Piano Cat” at work, here are some (scientific!!) ways to instantaneously lift your spirits and brighten the rest of your 9-5.


Drop some M, like Mixed nuts!

We’re nuts for nuts! Simply reaching for a handful of nuts will put a pep in your step. According to the University of Barcelona, nuts boost a significant amount of serotonin, which is a chemical created by the human body that works as a neurotransmitter. It’s brain food! Serotonin is the chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance, and a deficit of it can potentially lead to depression. Nuts are definitely the new party drug. These nuts will also control hunger and are awesome for heart health.



I’ve been drankin

We’re not talking about bringing a flask to work, because how scandalous would that be. A girl should NEVER be thirsty, because when parched, neurons in the brain can detect an electrolyte imbalance that affects mood regulators. Those who have their 8 glasses reported to have less confusion, sharper senses, decreased fatigue, and a generally improved outlook. And your skin is going to look great!



“You free this weekend?”

The Institute for Applied Positive Research introduced the phenom that is Anticipatory Savoring. So take a few minutes and shoot a couple texts into the group convo to play something to be excited for! 2 for 1 Groupon for kayaking lessons? Dollar tequila shots on Saturday? “You’ll get excited about a future experience, but draw on that in the present.” (This even works for something as simple as telling yourself you can buy those new Jeffrey Campbell’s after work!)



MC Brain

If you can’t listen to music at the office, McGill University researchers have found that simply thinking about a favorite song can make your brain release dopamine to boost your mood. Dopamine is the same neurotransmitter that is released during satisfying and pleasurable activities like sex and eating.



Fake Smile

The Facial Feedback Hypothesis: faking a smile is muscular activity in your face that can trick your brain into believing you’re happy. It sounds devious, but that’s science! The University of Kansas did a study that showed people who faked a smile after completing a stressful task experienced a decreased and more stable heart rate and lower levels of perceived stress. Ditch standing bitch face, and boost your mood with a smile even if it’s fake.


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