Seaweed Flavored Snacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Seaweed Flavored Snacks You've Never Heard Of

You see seaweed in your sushi but have you ever tried seaweed flavored chips? Nori (aka seaweed) can be a delicious snack to enjoy that also has many health benefits. Seaweed comes in so many varieties and can also be found in your favourite maki roll. Since this flavor is so popular in Asian countries, you can find so many unconventional nori-flavored snacks. Why is it so popular? Its most likely because seaweed has so many health benefits associated to it, so why not add it to your everyday foods?

Benefits of Seaweed

Many types of nori you find in supermarkets most likely came from Japan. These days it is harvested and then left out to dry in thin sheets. Then the seaweed would be seasoned, baked to perfection, make its way into packaging, then into the nearest super market.

Nori is high in protein and vitamins A and B1 and contains zinc, iron and calcium.  That means you’ll be getting a ton of benefits from having a bit of seaweed a day.

Now that the Asian market caught on to its marketing benefits, they have now decided to make this into snacks. They are not as nutritious as pure seaweed, but damn, they are good. Check out some seaweed snacks you might have never heard of.

Seaweed Flavored Snacks You've Never Heard Of 1

If anyone has tried this Koh-Kae’s peanuts, they are so good! These are roasted peanuts encased within a an outer layer of crunchy goodness. This particular flavor is Nori Wasabi, which may be a little gruesome some but hey, there’s a reason why this stuff sells.

Seaweed Flavored Snacks You've Never Heard Of 3

Apparently Lays has their own rendition of the seaweed-flavored snack. We can imagine this being like a regular salty chip. This flavor is only available in Thailand, but to all of us seaweed lovers, we are dying to try it.

Seaweed Flavored Snacks You've Never Heard Of

This is a nice change from the chips that will appear in this list. The nori is dipped in a rice paste and then fried in vegetable oil. Perhaps sushi restaurants should start adding this to their ayce menu.
Seaweed Flavored Snacks You've Never Heard Of

Personally, this seaweed snack is cringe-worthy. Peas are gross, no matter how its made. Perhaps with the power of seaweed flavoring and some salt, maybe this one might get a pass. 
Seaweed Flavored Snacks You've Never Heard OfSomehow, Pringles and seaweed does not sound appetizing. Thanks Pringles, but we’ll stick to our pizza-flavored can of chips from now on.

Seaweed Flavored Snacks You've Never Heard Of

Doritos has also made their way into the seaweed snack trend. Unlike traditional Doritos, these are in stick form instead of its well-known triangle corn chip shape. An exclusive to Japan, this shape and flavor of Doritos is not popular in Western countries, we wonder why?

Tell us,

Are you daring enough to try these seaweed-flavored snacks?



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