Secret Oreo Products You Never Knew Existed

Love Oreos? That was rhetorical. Oreos have become supremely popular since they were introduced a hundred years ago, and have created the ultimate brand. Now in addition to the original cookie, there are so many other mediums for you to enjoy this cookies and creme wonder. Here are some awesome secret-not-secret Oreo products you never knew existed!

1. Oreo Brownies

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

These are the chocolate cookie of the Oreo turned into a cakey, chewy brownie and then in a delectable double-whammy of icing, filled and drizzled with the signature white cream. And the best part of this is that it’s available in a supermarket near you!

2. Banana Split Oreos

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

This funky sounding Oreo product was unfortunately limited edition. It combined strawberry and banana cremes sandwiched between one chocolate (original) Oreo cookie along with a golden Oreo cookie. Sounds like a lot going on, but I’ll trust the Oreo name.

3. Handi-Snacks Oreos (Dunkaroo Oreos)

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

Okay, actually, they’re called “Handi-Snacks Oreos” but Dunkaroo is more relatable, yeah? So this wonderful treasure find of an Oreo product combines both fun and customization. You can choose how much of that delicious Oreo icing you want to eat and smear accordingly onto your rectangular Oreo cookie piece. Very ergonomic.

4. Oreo Soft Cookies

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

For all those cookie lovers that prefer a softer texture, these Japanese Oreo products are a version of the Oreo with soft cookies! They’re not quite cakester, but similar in texture. In addition to the classic flavour, these soft cookies also come in lemon, strawberry, and matcha. Yum!

5. Peanut Butter Oreo Fudge Cremes

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

This promising sounding Oreo product has a different version of its signature cream filling: peanut butter. It’s a single Oreo cookie base with the peanut butter cream (so you get a better cookie to filling ratio!) that is then plunged into chocolate. Yes. Everyone knows peanut butter and chocolate are heavenly together, but in Oreo form? Whole new level, am I right?

6. White Fudge Covered Oreos

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

White fudge sounds pretty amazing, huh? This too (unfortunately) is a limited edition Oreo product. It’s your basic Oreo cookie but covered in a thick “white fudge”. I’m pretty sure this fudge business is just white chocolate. But still. White chocolate covered Oreos still sounds so good.

7. Instant Oreo Pudding

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

Of course Jell-O would have to make an Oreo pudding, right? The invention of this Oreo product enables you to enjoy Oreos even when you’re to tired/stressed to chew an actual Oreo. And it really gives a whole new meaning to the “creaminess” to the iconic cookie. But the best part of this pudding is that it’s instant.

8. Cookie Dough Oreos

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

Gorging on cookie dough is a child’s dream (that mothers never let come true). Oreos then are like the fairy godmother, because this Oreo product has upgraded the regular creme to cookie dough creme. That means all the flavour and promise of cookie dough in the respectable form of an Oreo.

9. Oreo Chestnut Crunch Bars

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

It’s like an Oreo in a chocolate bar form! It’s a quite thin bar, and as the name suggests, it has a nice crunchy crispy texture. This is yet another Oreo product dipped in chocolate (though we can never get enough). These Crunch bars also come in matcha flavour (of course).

10. Oreo Caramel Mini Milk Bars

secret oreo products you didn't know existed

Another chocolate bar Oreo product! This Japanese cookie is a mini sized bar of what seems like Oreo pieces combined heterogeneously with the creme and then covered with chocolate. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s an added caramel flavour too!

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