Super Bizarre Plastic Surgery Procedures Around the World

They say be grateful with what you were born with and in most cases, people are generally happy with their appearance. Once in a while, there come a few extreme cases of physical alterations that make humanity questionable. Here are some prime examples of bizarro procedures done on real life people. Prepare to be amazed.

1. Dimple Creation


Because every wants that super sweet indented look. Did you know that dimples were actually due to a shortened facial muscle? Well now people are paying over $1,000 for a genetic mistake. Doctors are warning that the scars from the procedure might droop as you age. Awkward.

2. Enlarged G Spot


Some people just couldn’t get enough stimulation so they had their most sensitive spot enlarged. Apparently, it’s all part of the “designer vagina” trend. Insert hyaluronic acid into the G Spot and voila, more easily aroused. All I can say is they took “vajazzling” to the next level.

3. Eye Implants

Eyes, plastic surgery

If you’ve ever been unsatisfied with your eye colour, you can now change it up with eye implants. How dangerous is this procedure? It’s risky if done solely for cosmetic purposes but still an option.

4. Bagel Head

Bagel Head

SO STRANGE. For those who enjoy interesting bodily modifications, this might be an option. Would you get this saline injection?

5. Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial


Made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian on Instagram, this Hollywood trend gives us the creeps. Basically blood from your arm is centrifuged and it’s platelet rich plasma is injected to your face.  Problem is, when asked about it’s scientific support…there basically is none.

6. Dumb Blonde

Barbie, plastic surgery

Ever dreamt your barbie doll would come to life and be your best friend? Well, no more dreaming needed people, a woman in from California named Blondie Bennett. She’s getting hypnotherapy to become more stupid. Yes, that’s right, apparently she wants everyone to view her as a living sex doll with no brain. Where is she getting all this money? Sugar Daddies of course.

7. Thigh Gap Therapy

Thigh Gap Surgery, plastic surgery

Yes, thigh gap is a thing that many girls strive to achieve but may never get it because guess what? Everyone’s bone structure is different! Although the procedure isn’t extremely painful, the thigh gap is not a symbol of beauty to everyone so think twice before you get low level laser therapy.

8. Height Increase


If you want to experience torture, slap down a hefty $8,000 and you can have your bones broken then re-extended. With this new leg lengthening surgery, you can increase your height for insane pain and recovery time. You gotta ask yourself, are a few inches worth it?

Would pay for any of these procedures?

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