No Sex Before Marriage: The Great Debate


We all know that sex isn’t so taboo anymore, with it being everywhere on the media and news. We hear about Miley Cyrus’s sexcapades on the front page of the newspaper and sexualized ads have always been around in advertising. While the majority of people have probably done the deed, statistics show that 3% of Americans save sex for marriage. That’s 1 in 30 people.

Most reasons for abstaining before marriage come from religious beliefs. A lot of these beliefs deal with either sex being an immoral act or it being a divine act. It can be seen as a sacred bond between a couple. Some people just chose not to have sex because of their personal choice. So when it comes down to everything, how does having no sex before marriage change the way a marriage works? Or does it not change anything at all?

We have gathered various stories of couples that saved themselves until after marriage, and the results are (or you could say are not) surprising.

1. Proof that couples can have a healthy managing married life.

sex before marriage

After not consummating before marriage, it worked out well for this couple, who have been together for 9 years. It proves that maybe sex isn’t that big of a deal when it comes to two people that get along and work well with each other. Perhaps this is just a lucky case where they just happened to be sexually compatible as well. With both people being relaxed and honest about the topic to each other, there isn’t anyone to say it can’t work.


2. But on the sad side of things…

sex before marriage

It may be a long read but it’s very heart wrenching and tragic to go through something like that. It goes to show that it’s a flip of the coin when it comes to abstaining. While some couples may find themselves fine with their sex lives after marriage, some other couples find it in shambles that it nearly ruins everything for them. We can all agree that having sex is a very important part of a relationship, so what happens when one side isn’t getting what they need? Of course, in cases like these, they may have to go through couple counselling or therapy, and there may be other factors that come into play. But in the end, could it have been prevented if they did it beforehand?


3. And finally, here’s the guy that tells it as it is.

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 4.57.13 PM

Like with everything else in a relationship, sex for the first time may be awkward (and painful). On your honeymoon night, this could make it or break it. For this guy, it may not have worked out the first night but eventually they got it. And he hits it on the mark with there’s “both path have dangers”.


Truth is, if you really love someone and care deeply about them, not having sex before marriage can improve your relationship or even make it better. For some though, it doesn’t work out, and the lack of sex in a relationship leads to divorce.


Now tell us,

What do you think of no sex before marriage?

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