Sex Box: Would You Have Sex On TV?

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In 2013,  British TV took a daring step and introduced a show called “Sex Box”, a series that tried to open discussions on sex…by getting couples to have sex on stage. In a box. A soundprood, camera-less, SEX box. Aside from the host, the couples (of all sexual orientations and backgrounds) were met with three “sexperts” sitting on a panel. We assume that the aim of the show was to engage in meaningful, productive discourse about sex, but more often than not, it was just plain awkward.

Sex Box: Would You Have Sex On TV?

It wasn’t surprising that the show lasted less than a month (even though it got a whopping 900k viewers in its first episode). Despite the couples who volunteered to be up there, the majority of the discussion was had between the “sexperts” themselves. It’s a little tough to believe that people will be 100% honest with both each other and a group of strangers in front of thousands on live television. In fact, it’s a little tough to believe the couples even have sex in the first place – there are no cameras, no sounds, and we can see no silhouettes to indicate movement. We don’t even know what the inside of the box looks like.

It seemed like the show depended on its initial shock value. The idea of having sex on tv and talking about it right after is a definite attention-grabber, but realistically?  Why would anyone (active sex life or not) care about the sex lives of people they don’t know in their relationships? According to critics, the original show was incredibly dull.

Sex Box: Would You Have Sex On TV?

A couple of things the show did a decent job of was discuss sexual perceptions in the straight and gay communities. One interesting point that was made was how anal sex is primarily seen as “gay sex”, and how, on the flip side, oral sex is not considered actual sex in most heterosexual relationships (as opposed to the gay community)

Sex Box: Would You Have Sex On TV?

It was also interesting to get a physically handicapped couple’s point of view. While their segment was cut a bit short, it did at least touch on sexual relations between non able-bodied people – something we really don’t see too often.

So…whose ideas was this? Well, it was created based on the belief that most of us are more open after sex. In fact, there are documentaries and movies attesting to the vulnerability and sheer honesty we experience after.

Sex Box: Would You Have Sex On TV?

Since then, a US reality TV adaptation was created earlier this year to focus on intimacy and psychological issues in different relationships. Operating similarly to an open (sexual) therapy session, couples talk about their copulations with a psychotherapist, a sex therapist, and a pastor.

 What are your thoughts on Sex Box?

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