Sex Techniques That Will Blow His Mind in Bed

Sex Techniques That Will Blow His Mind in Bed

Sex Techniques That Will Blow His Mind in Bed

Is your anniversary coming up? Do you want to surprise him for his birthday? Or are you just unsure of how good you are in bed? We asked a handful of men for their opinion of what makes sex amazing. To see how your sex performance is, check to see how many of these mind blowing techniques you actually do.

1. Start with Blowjobs

This is obvious. Just like a car, you’ve got to warm up your man too. Foreplay is essential and is a two- person effort. The more men are teased and played with, the more they want sex. Feel free to experiment with different motions and use lots of tongue. Try sliding it up and down or using the bottom of your tongue for different sensations. It keeps sex interesting.

2. Don’t Neglect The Balls

Sex Techniques That Will Blow His Mind In Bed

Many girls commonly forget about the balls. A lot of men actually enjoy having it massaged or licked during blow jobs. To them, it’s a relaxing, change of pace from the usual motion. It shows that you’re down for anything and really into pleasuring him for sex.  If it looks like you’re enjoying it, he enjoys it. Just make sure you’re gentle with them because the balls are very sensitive!

3. Note the Tip

The tip is the most sensitive part of the penis. This should be one of your focus points for blow jobs. Playfully swirl your tongue around the tip of his penis varying in pressure to intensify his experience. If you’re fore-playing with a hand job, gently and repeatedly slide your thumb and index finger over the head and down. This is a simple technique that is important to master and get in the habit of.

4. Your Teeth Don’t Exist

Sex Techniques That Will Blow His Mind In Bed

This is another obvious point. No guy ever likes teeth. Teeth hurt his penis. Try folding your lips over your teeth to create a soft barrier during blow jobs. It will minimize any accidental teeth scraping.

5. Make Sure Everything Is Lubricated

This is the most crucial tip for good sex. He won’t enjoy anything without lubrication. Dry hand jobs have too much friction, a dry vaginal doesn’t work well, and a dry blow job doesn’t compare to wet ones. If the sex is spontaneous with no lube, try using spit. Spit works just as good, if not better than store- bought lubrication. If you’re embarrassed about using saliva, don’t be. He’s fine with it as long as the sex is good.

6. Let it in Raw

Sex Techniques That Will Blow His Mind In Bed

When a man wears a condom, he doesn’t feel very much during sex. In fact, it takes a lot longer for a man to cum with a condom than without. However, if you’re going to let him go in raw, make sure you’re still having safe sex with a contraceptive. The last thing you want is a kid when you’re not ready. Try a method of birth control. Also, make sure he doesn’t have any STDs because if you’re letting his penis in raw, you’re letting everything else in as well.

7. Ride it Proudly

A lot of men notice the differences in the way girls ride. If you’re going to ride on him, put work in it. They know when you’re half assing it. When you go up and down, make sure you ride the full length. Also, if you’re debating on riding up and down, or back and forth, always go for up and down. It makes sex feel much more better for him.

8. Spitters is for Quitters

Sex Techniques That Will Blow His Mind In Bed

At the end of a blow job, if you really want to impress him, swallow. It shows how dedicated you are to sex, your freakiness level, and that you’re submissive to him. The reason why this is such a big thing is because most girls don’t swallow due to the taste. So a girl that will put up with it, props to her, you just met his fantasy checklist.

How many things did you check off?

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