Sexercise: The Sexy Way to Burn Calories   


Get down and dirty under the sheets and skip the gym, having sex may be more beneficial than you think. Every 30-minute session of l-o-v-e burns up to at least 85 calories, which may not sound like a lot, but think about having 40 half-hour sessions of sex; that adds up to a total of 3,500 calories burnt or around one pound of fat. So maybe sex isn’t the most effective substitute of the gym… But it’s fun, easy, and we can almost guarantee you will enjoy it.

Check out these calorie-burning profiles of all the romantic activities you could be doing after you read this article.

Dirty Act: Undressing
Calories burned: 8-10 calories

Be a tease and take your time taking those clothes off! Researchers have found that it can take a total of 8 to 10 calories to undress each other. Use this to your advantage and suit up in your best ski suit. We’re just kidding! But play around a bit when it’s time to get naked, it’ll be fun, entertaining, and good for you!

Dirty Act: Kissing
Calories burned: 68 calories/hour

Lock those lips but don’t forget to come up for air! The more vigorously you’re kissing, the more calories you burn (not to mention all the passion). Some experts even recommend kissing in different positions as they can even potentially burn up to 200 calories. Just make sure you’re smooching in the comfort of your home and not the playground or bus stop.

Dirty Act: Making Out
Calories burned: 238 calories/half hour

Making out actually burns more calories than the act of sex itself! The anticipation of it all  gets your heart rate up, giving way to heavy breathing. Make it playful and erotic, hot and heavy, because making out is going to get you excited and burn some of that burger you had for lunch.

Dirty Act: Using your hands
Calories burned: up to 50 calories/half hour

The old-fashioned hand job is great and still a calorie burner, but take it up a notch and consider varying pressure and frequency with different strokes and positions. He’ll enjoy your additional effort and you’ll get to burn some calories in the meantime.

Dirty Act: Oral Sex
Calories burned: 100 calories/half hour

Giving oral sex may be just as beneficial as a quick shift on the elliptical. Try working in different positions like some yoga or push ups to tackle even more calories.

Dirty Act: Sex
Calories burned: 85-150 calories/half hour

This is the fun part people. Make it hot, loud, and last, and you will crush those calories. Don’t just lay there and let your partner do all the work, get it moving and sway those hips! Play up the positions that will let you squat and bounce, they’re great workouts for your butt and thighs. Sexologists also say that women who reach orgasms during sex burn more calories than those who don’t. Remember, having sex is all about having fun so go enjoy yourself!

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