These Sexy Criminals Look Like Models

sexy criminals

Are we crazy? Or are these some really sexy criminals? Mother, we’re sorry, we’re back into the bad boys.

I think everyone at some point in their lives has dabbled into the land of the bad boys- you know, that phase where all you want is a boy that breaks the rules. Granted, this phase was probably in your teens or early twenties. You probably grew out of it and are into looking for the stable, smart, and put-together man now.

Although we may have our heads on straighter and aren’t looking for the next “I don’t give a sh*t” bad boy out there, some recent mugshots that have been released are definitely making our heads turn. Is it just us, or do these sexy criminals look like models? Since when did convicts have bone structure like this?! Perhaps model scouts should be venturing into the cells to find their next big hit.

In all fairness, we suppose there are a lot of beautiful men (or boys) out there and some of them may be involved in some dangerous stuff. We seriously think they should quit their street jobs are pursue a modelling career though.

Take a gander at this handful of stunner convicts (to be fair, only some of their conviction are REALLY bad):

For more beautiful convicts.

Tell us:

Would you ever date a beautiful man who just got released from prison?


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