8 “Sexy” Foods to Spice Up the Bedroom (NSFW)

Who says the food has to stay in the kitchen? Bring all the fun yummy stuff into the bedroom and see how sexy and sometimes hilarious it can be all. Your man and a can of whip cream? Um, yes please. Here are seven other magnificent foods to make the horizontal tango with your significant other a bit tastier.

1. Nutella chocolate SAUCE


Make him your slice of bread and spread it on thick. Nutella makes everything taste extra good so don’t be scared to feast ma dear. If chocolate isn’t your thing or you’re allergic to hazelnuts, try honey on your pooh bear *wink wink*.

2. Edible panties

That’s right! Instead of splurging on Victoria Secret lingerie that he never notices anyway, throw these on and he won’t forget them anytime soon. He’ll have to eat his way to get to you and you’ll enjoy watching. Pick from cherry, strawberry or make your own!

3. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Sexy food bedroom

The shape, the texture, the taste will leave your SO wanting more. Potassium is great for the body and if you throw some strawberries and pineapple into the mix, you’ve got a really nutritious snack.

4. Massage oil that you can eat

It’s called “unbaked lies” and tastes like cake batter. For all you vegans, it’s completely full proof so forge forward and eliminate those tense muscles. You want to get real flexible for the finale.

5. Frozen grapes


They’re like little candy pieces that make the inside of your mouth juicy cold. Use the icy tongue to your advantage and send tingles up his spine by giving him sweet kisses. Pass it on when you’re finished.

6. Angel’s Grapefruit

Ok, this one is definitely a personal preference. If you’re tired of the BJs, apparently using half a grape fruit will make him moan for more. It’s better explained here visually. NSFW!

7. Whip cream

The possibilities are actually endless with this magical can of goodness. If applied properly to the right areas (nipples, belly button, bum cheeks), you two can tease one another throughout the entire night. Whip cream bra? Banana split? Desserts are definitely sexy.

8. Mints


You know that icy blast of coolness you get when you have a mint in your mouth? Well, imagine that sensation tingling your most sensitive body parts. Suck on a breath mint and gently give oral sex a go. It might hurt or feel extremely weird at first but talk to your partner to see if it works.

CAUTION: don’t get sugary substances inside of you, it could lead to yeast infections. Playing around the areas are fun enough. Don’t forget that it can get messy so keep tissues nearby! It won’t hurt to try out these different types of foreplay in the bedroom and hey, if it fails, you’ve least had a good laugh.

Which one of these would your SO love?

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