Sexy Mommy Expert: Zlatina

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Being a sexy mommy seems tough. Zlatina shows us how to make it a breeze.

sexy mommy
Photo courtesy of Zlatina’s campaign for Rent Frock Repeat

The truth about motherhood is that, as much as it is a blessing and one of the best experiences a woman can go through, it’s really hard sometimes. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the patterns of just being a mom. As a result, women often begin to lose themselves… lose their joys, their passion, their love for themselves. Instead, all their energy goes into being a mom.  The reality of this is that it’s really not healthy to give yourself up fully for your children. If you become miserable, it will definitely affect your ability to parent. This is definitely more easily said than done. The balance of being a good mom and being the woman you are outside of your kids is tough. 

Enter: Zlatina

Zlatina is passionate about being a sexy mommy. She’s an ambassador of living a life as a mother in a way that allows her to still pursue what she loves. Zlatina tells us how she juggles being a model and an amazing mom (something we thought was utterly impossible, outside of the celeb lives).  She’ll be posting weekly about tips and tricks for parenting (whilst staying sexy, and not forgetting that beyond a mother, you’re also human and have needs too!)

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sexy mommy
Zlatina poses with her girls at their ballet school!

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  1. Hey Zlatina, you are very inspiring and you are becoming my role model! I am looking forward to read your future articles.

    • Hi Jenny! We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying Zlatina’s articles. She’s definitely a great role model and has lots more to share with you guys!


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