10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Shailene Woodley


Shailene Woodley has recently rocketed into the spotlight after starring in two major hit movies.  She plays the main character Tris in Divergent, and Hazel Grace in the highly anticipated The Fault in Our Stars, after John Green’s award winning novel.  She has been getting a lot of press lately for her unusual lifestyle! Read on to learn more about the life and quirks of Shailene Woodley.


  1. She eats clay.  So her poop smells like metal.  Yes, that’s true.
  2. She swishes her mouth with coconut or sesame oil every morning. It helps whiten her teeth.
  3. She makes everything from her own toothpaste to her own body lotions and face oils.
  4.  She tans her vagina because it helps with yeast infections.
  5. People named her one of 2012 Most Beautiful at Every Age.
  6. She gathers her own spring water from mountains every month, and gets all her food fresh off farms.
  7. She buys exclusively used clothes.
  8. She doesn’t own a cell phone.
  9. She was in the O.C.
  10. Shailene Woodley brings a mason jar with her wherever she goes because she doesn’t like drinking (or eating) from plastic containers or cups. 

She is a very interesting person and has admirable (and questionable) health regimens!

So tell us:

What do you think about Shailene Woodley?

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