Shoe-Sale-King DSW Comes To Canada

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DSW Stomps Ground In Canada… Finally

If you’re Canadian, you’ve spent years taking road trips and crossing the border just to find the exact same thing you just bought in Toronto for less than half the price. You’ve also longed for mega stores, who create the environment of competitive pricing, to come across the border (I mean, we don’t bite, we’re nice shoppers!).


Well the Canadian prayers are answered. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is one of the first mega-stores to make the jump up north, opening up two locations in Ontario. No need to jump across the border to get half price Sam Edelman flats anymore ladies, DSW came to you!

“You’ve never known a sale like this… it’s all the time”

We got a backstage pass into the store before the launch- and let us tell you, it is as big of a shoe heaven as you could ever dream of.


Every type of sole you need to cradle your feet is available in this beautiful warehouse- from slippers, to sneakers, to sky high heels… DSW has you covered. Literally, they’ve got everything you would ever want to cover your feet with. Check out our video above and take a walk through the store with us!


Beyond their wonderful array of thousands of shoes, they also had a great accessories selection. We feel like we could basically live in DSW as a closet and never be bored. There was so much to choose from, we were a little overwhelmed… in a good way of course.

Bye bye stressing about not knowing which shoes to pick up for an occasion! DSW got ma back.


The event was lovely! They gifted pairs of shoes, vino, and best of all… a candy bar. And I mean, all this, all together, was enough to bring any woman to her climax. We’re super excited to see what more will come of DSW’s Canadian Expansion. Shoe lovers unite!


Tell us:

What are your thoughts on DSW coming to Canada? Or any mega store, like it, for that matter? Is it good news? Or should they go back down south?

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