Christmas Problems only Short Girls Understand

T’is the season to be jolly. But it’s also the season where the short girl problems come full force. And while we’ve seen those videos of why it sucks being a personal arm rest, here’s just another few problems added to the list this holiday.

Grumpy Cat

No, I am not an elf.

The number one short girl problem is this – this, this, this, this times a million.

Do not buy us elf shoes. Do not give us a hat. And no do not assume we want to help out with the annual Santa Claus meets children portraits.

Despite the fact you may be petite in size, that does not mean the rest of the world above average or more can assume we’d be the perfect addiction to Santa’s workshop.

And no, I am not a child.

As much as you think I would enjoy sitting on an old man’s lap, I really don’t. I know I’m short, and yes bring on the free candy canes, but I think I am an adult – so pass on the spiked eggnog, please and thank you.

DF - Short Girl Christmas

The annual-uneven Christmas tree

Why does my tree have a heavy bottom and empty at the top? It’s supposed to look like that. Really. And why is there no star at the top? Oh, well that’s just because I couldn’t fit on the top.

That item on the top shelf? Don’t try.

It’s bad enough that the holiday rush brings a multitude of present-shoppers and vicious moms who, yes, will elbow your face out of the way for the latest toy in that store or that shirt on that rack.

But, it’s bad enough when you don’t have that great of advantage. Sure, you can squeeze through the suffocating crowds, but if you’re trying to join in the battle for the latest, hottest thing on that top shelf…forget it.

Which is why they hide presents up there

Who really wants to feel like they’re doing a Tough Mudder race to try to get a glimpse of what Santa will leave us this year? Forget trying to snoop on the top shelf of the closet or laundry room or garage. It’s just not going to work out that well.

So you better watch out, and don’t you dare cry.

Tell us…

What’s one problem you always face around this time of the year?

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