5 Tips for Better Shower Sex

Getting clean while doing the dirty sounds hot, but can sometimes be anything but.

Scrubbing clean while doing the dirty is one of the greatest ways to enjoy yourself.  However, anyone who has tried shower sex knows that it can lead to some uncomfortable positions! The shower walls are not too forgiving, and water makes everything super slippery.

Contending with different heights, builds, hard walls, and slippery surfaces can be a bit of a nightmare (not to mention a health and safety hazard) but when you do get it down, the results are hot as hell.

Here are our top tips for amazing shower sex! Enjoy!


#1 Tease Him

A lot of the time when you are having sex in bed, your man doesn’t really get to appreciate what your gloriously naked body looks like! Take this time to grab a loofa, some body gel, and suds up!

#2 Pick a Position

We recommend doggy style.  It’s the easiest position for both parties involved, and you can put your leg on the side of the tub for some added stability.  You can also purchase a sex step.

#3 Don’t Forget the Lube

You might think that water will do the trick, but it actually washes away your natural lubrication. Just ensure that the lube is silicon based because it is waterproof.

#4 Get on Your Knees

Get down on all fours in the shower or just prop up on your knees. Then ask your man to run the showerhead all over your back and bum. It’s going to be really sexy for him to have a look at you enjoying yourself.

Or get down and give his parts a little extra attention too!

#5 Appe-teasers

If you can’t get the logistics of shower sex to work for you, then just use the shower as a warm-up and move on to the main event using other props in the room. Have him bend you forward over the sink and enter you from behind. If you’re lucky then you’ll be able to watch yourselves going for it in the mirror.

So tell us:

How do you make shower sex more comfortable?

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