7 Ways to Show Them You Still Love Them

Perfect relationships don’t exist just because we want them to. They work out because both people continuously put in the effort every day to make it work. When you’ve been in a relationship for a few years and things aren’t the way it used to be, don’t just give up on it. Remind them that you still care — even if it’s as simple as making coffee for them in the morning. Sometimes we all need a little reminder now and then.

Here are 7 ways to show them you still love them. Be inspired! 1holdhands

We aren’t teenagers anymore, but that doesn’t mean we outgrew holding hands. “Nothing in this world compares to the comfort and security of having someone just hold your hand.”

[quote_box_center]My grandparents were married for 62 years and they would sit in their respective chairs watching t.v and be holding hands across the gap between them. It was the most loving thing I ever saw, and so subtle.[/quote_box_center] 2bringfood

Everyone loves food. Especially if someone puts in the effort of making them. It doesn’t matter if they’re rock hard cookies, it’s the effort that counts.  “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

[quote_box_center]My girlfriend used to be the worst cook in the world–she was raised as a single child so her parents spoiled her to death. When she finally moved out for university, she couldn’t cook anything. Her dinner would consist of instant ramen or frozen pizza. Of course, I didn’t really know all this when I first started dating her in sophmore year, so I hinted to her for our 6 month anniversary that I loved girls who baked. On the day of, she came over to my house with a huge white box. She looked at me sheepishly and told me that she made these for our anniversary. Here I was, really excited for like, cupcakes or something. I open them up and I just see these… really brown chunks of dough. She’s really shy so she stares at me like wondering if I like it or not. I put it in my mouth and I think I almost choked on them because they were so dry.

I knew she was really embarrassed that they turned out so bad but I didn’t really care. “I love it.” I saw all the effort she put in and I ate all of it. It may not have been light and fluffy but it was baked with love. And that’s all that mattered.[/quote_box_center]


If both of you live together and your significant other works late or you go to bed early and don’t get to see them much, staying up for them lets them know you’re putting in the effort. Seeing them for a few more minutes every day allows both of you to enjoy each other’s company.

[quote_box_center]My girlfriend tries to stay awake until I come home. I tend to work a lot of late nights, but she’s more of an “early to bed, early to rise” kinda girl, so she always tries to stay awake so she can at least say good night. She’s studying abroad right now, and she still tries to stay awake until I come home from work so we can skype goodnight :)[/quote_box_center] 4hugbehind

Surprise them with a huge from behind! Never skim out on the quality of your hugs.

[quote_box_center]Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you. [/quote_box_center]   5nickname

Calling them by a nickname that belongs solely to the two of you is like having a unique secret code.

[quote_box_center]I have been dating her for three years, and honestly no matter how mad I am at her, when she calls me Jamie Giraffe there’s no way I can be mad. It’s such a simple thing to be called a special nick name but it’s so special.[/quote_box_center] 6pickle

It doesn’t have to be a pickle. It can be anything, big or small. Show you love them enough to give up something you love.

[quote_box_center]My wife loves pickles. They are her favorite food in the world. When she buys pickles, she buys two jars so that there is never the possibility of running out. If we run out of pickles, it is a BFD.

When we first started dating, back before I learned about her pickle obsession, I stole the last slice of pickle from her plate. I pulled the “HEY, Whats that over there?” and pointed wildly. YOINK. Pickle gone. She was LIVID. Absolutely furious that I had eaten the last pickle in the house. For WEEKS, every day she mentioned the pickle. Years passed, and she’d still make comments along the lines of “Well atleast you didn’t eat the last pickle. OH WAIT.” etc.

It’s been 9 years since the pickle debacle . My wife, being 9 months pregnant has been having insane pickle cravings. Yesterday, she gave me the last slice of pickle in the house and said “I love you this much”.

TL;DR My wife loves me enough to give me the last pickle.[/quote_box_center]


It may be simple, but a lot of people forget. Tell them you love them and mean it. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but surprise them with it. Remember the first time you said it to them and make that memory last… 3 little words can go a long way.

[quote_box_center]I was the first to say “I love you” to my boyfriend, and it was a difficult move. We weren’t together yet, but I knew what I felt, and I had to tell him. He replied with something along the lines of how he wasn’t ready to say he loved me, but I sent fire through him or some weird thing like that. I don’t remember the exact words. We were on the phone at the time, two seconds after we hung up, before I’d even put my phone down, he called right back to say something like, “Forget all that shit about fire, I don’t know what I was saying, I love you. I love you.”

It was beautiful and perfect and a solid reminder that I really do love him.[/quote_box_center]

Tell us…

What are the ways you or your significant other show that you still love each other?

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  1. Awww this was so cute! I show my boyfriend/basically fiance that I love him by actively figuring out what’s stressing him out and the try to fix it. He shows me that he loves me by cleaning up all of my messes hehe



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