Signs That it’s Time to Break Up With Your Friend

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Image from Flickr

We often hear about terrible breakups between couples and there’s lots of signs on when to break up with a lover but what about friendships that maybe need to be dumped? It is normal for relationships to end and you shouldn’t have to feel bad for ending a friendship. People grow and change and maybe your once BFF since elementary no longer “gets you”.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips on how to figure out if it’s time to break up with your friend.

1. You feel annoyed when they’re around.

If you find yourself sighing or rolling your eyes at everything that comes out of their mouth, you my friend, probably need to end that friendship. They can probably sense the negativity coming from you anyway so do yourself and your friend a favour by walking away.

2. You feel unappreciated.

You seem to do so much for them yet don’t get the recognition you deserve. Of course, they shouldn’t be expected to bend over backwards for you but a simple thank you and a kind gesture here and there would be nice.

3. You always get the short end of the stick.

Whenever you go out, you’re always the one that offers to pay or they always ask you to “spot them”. Of course, you being the great friend that are you are do so but at the back of your mind you’re thinking “not again”…

4. They always bail on your plans.

You make plans with them days in advance, text them the night before to confirm and 2 hours before you’re set to hang out, they cancel because another one of their friends invited them out. So, why are you still friends with this person?

5. You feel like you’re the only one putting effort.

Friendships, just like romantic relationships are a two-way street. You must be willing to give, not just receive, in order for the friendship to work best. Talk to your friend and let them know that you don’t mind doing things for them but you expect that your friendship not be based on only you putting in effort.

6. They talk about you behind your back.

This should signal red flags right away. If your friend is spreading rumours about you, confront them. If they own up to it, good. If they don’t, you’ll know who you can trust. Either way, dump them as a friend. You don’t need fake people in your life.

7. They are never around when you need them.

You’re going through a rough patch and your friend is nowhere in sight. They somehow always seem to disappear when you need them and only show up when it’s convenient for them, which is very inconvenient for you. Say goodbye to people that only show up when it’s convenient for them!

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