All the Single Ladies (Don’t Put a Ring on It)


Don’t get me wrong, being in a relationship is great and if you’re in one, kudos to you girl! But how many single girls have caught yourself on the couch Sunday night watching reruns of Gossip Girl and dreaming about a relationship like Blair and Chuck’s, all whilst you’re crying about how you just want someone to embrace. Let’s be real here, I can almost assure you that your boyfriend would not want to embrace you being forced to watch this “xoxo” bullshit on a Sunday night when he could be watching the Super Bowl with his boys.

My gal pals, there is nothing wrong with being single and if you’re a single lady, take advantage of it now before someone puts a ring on it. These are the reasons why single life, has no strife:

You don’t remember the last time you shaved.

And that’s totally okay because the forest growing on those legs are hidden thanks to jeans that no one (besides yourself) is taking off. Not to mention that the next time you go in for a Brazilian is because you actually wanted one and not because it was time to get one.


You can flirt with anything that moves.

Flirt with the cashier, the bartender, or hell even the homeless guy that looks way too good looking to be on the street. Nothing can stop you from having an overly friendly conversation with the attractive male in front of you. You are Barbie and life is your Ken, there is definitely nothing wrong with a little friendly exchange of winks every now and then.

“Red week” isn’t in your vocabulary.

You’re not going down on anyone because the only thing you need to worry about is when the last time you changed your tampon was and if chocolate is on sale at the grocery store. Skip the explaining as to why you just want to be left alone and go right on to bitching away!

Great hookup stories.

You bring the cards to the table when it comes to a great hookup story because nothing can stop you from having as many one-night stands as you want. Being single doesn’t have to mean leaving your downstairs collecting dust and cobwebs! Go and have a little make-out session with whoever you want, whenever you want.


Swiping right.

Everything your mom told you about meeting strangers you met online is a lie because… Tinder.

Taking forever to get ready.

No one is constantly nagging at you to hurry up. If you just chipped your nail five minutes before you’re about to leave, you are most definitely able to go ahead and fix up that manicure. You get to take your time getting ready, or better yet, get ready with your girls! It’s girls’ night every night, and you single ladies are manicured, looking nothing less than perfect.


Because Beyoncé.

Sasha Fierce didn’t write this song for nothing. Get your fierce on ladies.


And because you don’t need to be in a relationship to define who you are.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. You do NOT need a man to complete you. Being a woman is all about being you! Find fulfillment in yourself and not through a relationship with another person.

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Are you convinced? What’s YOUR favorite thing about being single?

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