SodaStream Is Revolutionizing Soda


SodaStream is definitely going to change the way you think about soda!

Check out the video from the preview and learn how to use it:

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If you’re sippers like us- you enjoy a nice fizzy drink to quench that craving for pop, your go-to drink at the bar is a vodka soda or gin and tonic, and you are addicted to Perrier water. If you’re none of those, trust us, you’ll still become followers of SodaStream.


Why? Well, we’re glad you asked. 

These beautiful machines not only look fantastic on your kitchen counter, they actually have health and cost benefits to it. Not to mention, it look ever so chic (for those who are too cool for Perrier because it’s too “main stream” haha)

The SodaStream technology allows you to cross buying those bottles of pop off your grocery list- which means less lugging, storing, and disposing of those clunky bottles. SodaStream basically lets you enjoy that fizzy goodness without buying the bottles to go with it (yes, that means it is super eco-friendly ladies and gents).

So you get to customize your own soda, choose flavours (that taste better than the pop you buy and have 2/3 less sugar), help the environment, not have to break you back storing those cans and bottles, and last but not least (especially if you’re a sparkling water drinker), save a ton of money.



We all know our sparkling water addiction gets pretty pricey. Soda Stream’s technology of carbonating water in the comfort of your own home (to the level of carbonation you like it to)  only costs you 33 cents a litre!

Once you try it, you’ll realize it’s not only super fun to use, but it also makes drinking bubbly drinks 10000% times better. Their release of their new product: Play, is super chic and is available at only $99. We absolutely adore the colours integrated into the designs (yes, it will match all your Ikea furniture. That is precisely what we were thinking).

How does it work? It’s really simple.

soda stream

Yes, we tested the products. They’re amazing- and you’re damn right we went out and bought one.

We recently had the lovely pleasure of: being walked through how to use the product, tasting the difference, and becoming full-blown converts (and we’re tough cookies to impress). Who doesn’t love bubbly? With Soda Stream you can make everything bubbly- who needs champagne (we don’t mean this, because we love champagne, but you get our point).

They are honestly great products- whether you’re single and forgot to buy soda for your gin and tonic, or whether you’re a family with kids (they will go insane over this, make it a treat for them).

These products really make you feel like you’re in the future. Who knows, maybe every household will have its own carbonator? Trouble for Coca-Cola? Oh my, we won’t go there.

soda stream

We learned how to make this delicious (and beautiful looking) virgin mango mojito with Sodastream:

soda stream


Want some other Sodastream cocktails you can try? We got you.

Sodastream Free Cocktail Recipes

Want to know what flavours you’ll have the pleasure of drinking? No problem.

Tell us:

Would you move into the future with SodaStream? Or are you more inclined to buy your pop in a can/bottle?


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