Something Borrowed: 9 DIY Alternative Bridal Bouquets to Fresh Flowers

If you’re a bride to be and looking for ways to conserve your budget, consider a unique and handcrafted alternative bridal bouquet. Fresh flower bouquets are beautiful, but can be pricey considering they only survive a few days. A DIY bouquet can be a lasting keepsake of your special day. It’s also a great opportunity to get your bridesmaids together to bond while you create your bouquets. Depending on the time of year and theme of your wedding, we’ve collected some of the most interesting and fun DIY alternative bridal bouquets. Not only will you save money, but you’ll get a ton of compliments on your creativity and people will notice your savvy budgeting skills!

1. She Sells Seashells


Source: Savvy Deets Bridal                                                 Source: Somer Anne Photography

Perfect for beach brides or nautical themed weddings, substitute seashells for fresh flowers for a great alternative bridal bouquet. Decorative seashells come in bulk at craft stores and in different colours to suit your colour scheme. Add different coloured ribbons and vary the type of shells to add intrigue. Savvy Deets Bridal has a step-by-step tutorial for an all seashell bouquet (left). If you’re more interested in incorporating seashell elements within a traditional floral arrangement, watch Setab‘s instructional video.

2. Butterflies


Source: Martha Stewart                                                      Source: Justanns

Garden party, anyone? This whimsical take on a bridal bouquet is playful and adds a burst of colour and movement to your bridal ensemble. These butterflies are available at craft stores and because they are on a wire can be arranged easily. Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial on this fun alternative bridal bouquet.

3. Brooches


Source: Planting Sequoias                                                  Source: Heart Love Always

If it’s even possible, this alternative bridal bouquet adds a little more sparkle to your special day. If you need help sourcing brooches for this masterpiece, make this your “something borrowed” and ask friends and family to loan you their brooches and pins for the day. Just make sure to let them know that they will be returned after the wedding. Alternatively, make an afternoon of snooping through vintage, thrift and craft stores to pick up an assortment of the shiniest trinkets. Gather your bridesmaids for the treasure hunt and have fun! Project Wedding and Planting Sequoias have two different DIY takes on beautiful brooch bouquets.

Keep in mind: This metal adorned bouquet is heavier than traditional bouquets.

4. Pinecones


Source: Happy Wedd

If you’re planning a rustic fall wedding, start collecting some pinecones. This alternative bridal bouquet is budget-friendly and simple to make. It still has an element of nature and will enhance a wedding set in the country or in the woods. Once Wed has a easy to follow tutorial that combines pinecones and dried baby’s breath for texture.

5. Origami


Source: Elusive Photo Design                                             Source: MandaGirlDesigns/Love me Sailor

This alternative bridal bouquet is one of the most difficult and time consuming on our list. But if you’re up for a crafty challenge, then this intricate origami bouquet is for you. On the plus side, the results are breathtaking and permanent. This is one wedding keepsake that you will cherish and proudly display forever. This detailed tutorial by Lindsey from Elusive Photo Design will help your origami bouquet come to life.

6. Oversized Paper Flower


Source: Studio Castillero

This alternative bridal bouquet definitely makes a statement! It is non-traditional, but just as vibrant as fresh flowers. You can customize the colour and your bridesmaid’s bouquets to match. Get the gals together for a crafty afternoon make it a fun activity. The bonus is that it doesn’t require too many materials, so you won’t break the bank. Follow the step-by-step tutorial by beautiful bride Nata for Green Wedding Shoes to get your rose just right!

7. Fabric Flowers


Source: Thrifty Below                                                         Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Another take on a fresh flower bouquet, but this time with fabric. This alternative bridal bouquet will last forever and looks best with delicate fabrics like silk or satin (to mimic the delicate effect of a flower’s petals). Another benefit is that this style of bouquet is light and the shape can be fluffed up to give it new life. If this bouquet interests you, get inspired with tutorials by Thrifty Below (left) or Elizabeth Anne Designs (right).

8. Ornaments


Source: The House that Lars Built / Amanda Thomsen Photo  Source: LionsgateDesigns

Did someone say winter wedding? Bring your winter wonderland themed wedding to life with an ornament bouquet. When the bulbs catch the light as you walk down the aisle you’ll glow even more on your special day. This bouquet is delicate, but makes a statement as the bulbs shimmer with every move you make. Recreate Brittany Watson Jepsen’s magical bouquet with the help of her tutorial for Etsy Weddings.

9. Felt Flowers


Source: Something Turquoise                                            Source: Shonnette

Last but not least, this playful alternative bridal bouquet takes a page out of a Dr. Seuss book. Felt is a firmer fabric, so the shape and structure of the flowers will hold. This is the ultimate craft and a good opportunity for you to show off your creativity. If you are planning a free-spirited and lively wedding planned, check out the tutorial from Something Turquoise (left).

Say Yes to the Bouquet

Whether you choose traditional or non-traditional, DIY or professional arrangement, the bouquet should be something that you should feel comfortable and proud of carrying on your special. If you still prefer a floral arrangement, but are watching your budget, you could always opt for fake flowers. Whatever you decide, we wish you happy wedding planning and a bright future for you and your partner!

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  1. Love the Christmas ornament bouquet idea! Can you imagine a bouquet of red, green and cream coloured ornaments? The bridesmaids could wear red shoes and dresses. The groomsmen could be clad in tuxedos and green velvet cumberbunds and bow ties. The bride could wear red lipstick and emerald jewellery. And for the piece de la resistance, wedding cake with crushed candy cane icing.


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