Spoon It Or Spread It, Nutella’s Spife Is Full Of Fun

Spoon It Or Spread It, Nutella's Spife Is Full Of Fun

So you’ve heard of a spork, but have you ever heard of a Spife? With Nutella’s most recent collaboration with Tim Horton’s to hit the food headlines, it only makes sense that they use their new found 15 seconds to promote a new addition to their family – the Spife.

Spoon It Or Spread It, Nutella's Spife Is Full Of Fun


For all you die hard Nutella fans out there, you’ve probably managed to find over a hundred of different ways to enjoy the hazelnutty goodness of the spread, but haven’t quite figured out how to efficiently bring it with you everywhere you go without leaving behind a mess. And here’s where Spife becomes the solution.

Say you’re at work and you want to inject your morning parfait with some Nutella goodness, the only logical thing use would be a spoon. But then in the afternoon, you’ve decided that you did a lot of hard work and that you deserve that Nutella sandwich that you’ve been dreaming about all morning. You’re not going to spread it with a spoon (obviously), so it only makes sense to use a knife right? But why bother carrying around so many utensils and cluttering up your lunch bag when instead you can have one godly Spife to carry out all of the tasks for you?

Spoon It Or Spread It, Nutella's Spife Is Full Of FunDoes this all sound dandy to you and do you want to get your hands on a Spife for yourself? Well you can’t exactly just go out and buy one all on your own. The only way to get ahold of one is by hunting down the elusive PIN code hidden inside and underneath the cap of specially marked Nutella jars.

But not to worry, if you’re only interested in getting your hands on the ever elusive Spife and don’t really want to shell out for an entire jar of Nutella, you can play¬† “Spoon It, Or Spread It” to win instant prizes. We tested out the game to see what we could win and it gets pretty repetitive after awhile, so make sure to be patient and eventually you’ll win something fun!

Spoon It Or Spread It, Nutella's Spife Is Full Of Fun

Are you a spooner or a knifer?

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