Spring Cleaning Rules For A Busy Momma

Spring Cleaning Rules For A Busy Momma

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Spring is in the air! Can you feel it, sexy mommies? Finally. No more snow suits, snow boots, scarves, gloves, mitts, winter socks, ear muffs, extra pair of leggings, under shirts, and the list goes on and on. It’s simply exhausting to have to dress the little darlings in all of the winter gear. It’s a workout all on its own. Good-bye winter, you shall not be missed! Hello Spring and Spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Spring, however it has to be done for our sanity and for our family’s well-being. The longer you procrastinate, mommies, the more dust bunnies you shall accumulate.

Spring Cleaning Rules For A Busy Momma

I’ve yet to meet a mom who loves cleaning – it’s just not in our genes – we love to have fun, but cleaning is not on top of our list. In fact, cleaning is not on any of our lists of most favourite things to do. Every night when I delightfully go to sleep I strongly believe that a cleaning fairy, or two, or three team up and clean my home. To my surprise every morning that’s not the case. However disappointing it may be, cleaning fairies don’t exist. Whatever, who needs cleaning fairies anyway!

Rrrooolll up your sleeves, put on your rubber gloves, tie up your apron, style your hair in a pony tail and vamos à la playa… I mean, vamos à la kitchen.

RULE #1. Always, always moisturize your hands and cuticles before you put on your rubber gloves and begin to tackle the home-front!

Once you’ve done cleaning, washing, dusting you’ll have spa-worthy hands because you moisturized. This 2 in 1, kind of, makes Spring cleaning fun. Who doesn’t love moisturized skin? We all do. Moisturize, you’ll love cleaning if you do!

RULE #2. Perfume.

Yes, I said it. If you find it hard to begin your Spring cleaning spritz on some scents. Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Versace will help you get the work done!

Spring Cleaning Rules For A Busy Momma

RULE #3. Did somebody say make-up?

Yes, I did. If you need the extra push and shove to begin – give your lips some colour. Why not look and feel good while cleaning. It’s a proven fact that when we love ourselves, we love life and do better in life.

RULE #4. Espresso!

Make yourself a powerfully strong espresso that will keep you on your toes for three hours. You need to stay hyped during this not so hype activity. Make it an exciting event. After all, Spring is coming and that means: flowers, sun, ballet flats, and patios! There’s definitely a lot to get excited about.

RULE #5. Bring the beats back!

Pump, pump it up, pump the jams. Press play and turn the volume up on your play list. Music makes cleaning so much more fun. You’ll hardly notice that you’re  Spring cleaning when you’re dancing and grooving to the bass while dusting and polishing the furniture.

Spring Cleaning Rules For A Busy Momma

RULE #6. What to wear?

Forget jeans. Slip into your yoga attire. You’ll need to be comfortable while trying to reach for the dust bunnies under your bed in a plank position and then go into downward dog! Why not think of it as Spring cleaning meets Yoga?

RULE #7. Clutter.

Sigh. Why do we own so much of everything? We’ll never know. Or, is it because when we shop we forget what we have at home? Or, perhaps, is it because more is more?  Us, women, like to shop – no judgement. When it comes to decluttering our wardrobes keep this in mind: if you love the jeans, keep them. If you don’t, donate them. Good karma will follow. Forget about the one year rule: “If you haven’t worn it in a year then chances are you never will.” Not true!

RULE #8. Baking soda, vinegar and tea tree oil.

This powerful threesome combo will help refresh your home, naturally and safely. As much as bleach is awesome – it’s not that awesome if kids find it. However, when we aim to use safe products we have a peace of mind, sexy mommies. A safe home is a chemical-free home.

*Baking Soda – for everything that needs to be scrubbed – bath tub, sink, pots, pans and more.

*Vinegar –  Use vinegar for window and glass cleaning. Mix in a spray bottle with water.

*Tee Tree Oil – Antiseptic. Kills bacteria! In a spray bottle add water and 5-10 drops of TTO. Spritz your mattresses, pillows, carpets, and sofas to freshen them up. It can be used as an all-purpose cleaner.

Side Tip:  Also, use as an air freshener – add lavender essential oil to the mix for an amazing, natural and calming aroma.

RULE #9. Fresh air.

Open the windows while Spring cleaning. Feel the fresh air coming in while all the dust goes out. Some people have dust allergies and keeping the windows open will make Spring cleaning easier and sneeze-free!

Spring Cleaning Rules For A Busy Momma

RULE #10. Give it a week!

Miracles don’t exactly happen overnight and neither does Spring cleaning. Be kind to yourself and allow 7 days for the Spring cleaning miracle to be completed. Each day aim to tackle a room or an area of your home. Slow down and aim to be productive rather than fast.

RULE #11. Go the extra mile!

Redecorate and move some furniture around. This little trick will make it seem as if you have a brand new home. Give it a go!

With Spring comes excitement to life all over again. We look forward to seeing the trees blossom, the flowers bloom, the sun shine, the snow melt, long walks in the park and the kids playing outside. Don’t think of it as a chore instead think of it as freshening up and prepping your home for the glorious days ahead.

Here comes the sun, little darling!

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  1. You are right…cleaning is definitely not on any of my lists but thanks for the tips. My favorite is rule #2.


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