Spruce Up Your Korean BiBimBap with Noodles

bibimbap, bibimnoodles, chinese food

bibimbap, bibimnoodles, chinese foodEveryone loves a good old recipe that requires almost zero work. Bibimbap is the ultimate meal that is literally a bowl of goodies tossed together and all you have to do is gather your favourite ingredients. This is a recipe for a Chinese style of bibimbap and instead of rice, we opted for noodles. The prep won’t take too long and there will be enough for thirds. Enjoy!

Ingredients:ingredients, bibimbap, bibimnoodles


1. Boil the vegetables that you don’t want to eat raw (cabbage, spinach etc.) and then chop them into bite size pieces.

2. Scramble up your two eggs and set aside.

3. Cook the ground pork and add 3/4 cup of soy sauce. Yes, I know it will be salty but the noodle will balance it out.

4. Throw in the eggs and mushrooms and let it all simmer for 2 minutes.

mushrooms, bibimbap

5. Boil your noodles and when it’s a softness of your choice, run it under cold water for 30 seconds. This will keep the noodles from sticking to each other in a jumbled mess.

6. Place noodles in a bowl and toss in as much vegetables as you’d like to keep this dish healthy and yummy. Don’t cheap out on the kimchi!

7. Pour some of your sauce over the noodles but don’t add too much or it will be super salty!

8. Bibimbap is a blend of veggies, carbs and meat. Give the entire concoction a thorough mix and add some chilli paste if you want a spicy kick. Enjoy your meal!

bibimbap, bibimnoodles, noodles, recipe


Where do you get your bibimbap fix?

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