15 Worst Instances Where Starbucks Employees Can’t Spell

Everyone’s watched that Starbucks video by now. The one about them getting them purposely getting your name wrong.

We’re not going to talk about the video. We’re gonna talk about what the video talks about: Those darn Starbucks employees and how they can never get your name right. We bet everyone’s been to Starbucks at least once and faced the same problem people in this video have faced. You tell them “Michelle” and somehow the guy behind the counter goes “Michael, a cappuccino for Michael?!” (le sigh).

We feel for those that have been the victims. We wonder how long people have taken their phones out to show their friends what kind of disastrous name they got this time. And how many people that have stayed up all night wondering what they’re supposed to do with their new title.

We wonder how many Starbucks employees silently laugh in their cruel, dark hearts when they see the look of confusion on customers’ faces as they call out “Brain” instead of Brian. We also wonder how much publicity Starbucks has gotten from the amount of people instagramming and hashtagging #starbucks and #starbucksfails.

So in commemoration of that video, we have gathered a list of 10 instances where Starbucks got their names wrong with 10 innocent people. We commemorate the Sarah who went in for a coffee and who came out with a Sea.

Jesse may or may not have asked to be called Douchebag.

 There’s a thousand fish in the Sea but only one Sarah.

When they get your name so fucking wrong.. #starbucksproblems

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HEY LADY — I mean… Katie.

We know his real — Zavanio, is pretty hard to spell, but Zeek is pretty far off even for us.

Shes_so_courtney, she’s_not_so_brittney.

 Honey, I spelt your name wrong.

This one’s actually quite clever and cute. Mr. Mac (and cheese).

All Mimi needs now are some white face paint and a striped shirt.

This one’s kind of mean. Who calls someone a rat?

lowercase "k" or uppercase "R"? #starbucksproblems

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Not sure if they’re writing his name or writing down what he looks like.

Swear I said Happy… #starbucksProblems #hobbit

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Like seriously, who names their kid “Tipity”?

They can’t seem to tell the gender of people from their names.

And on Wednesdays, I go by "Joe". #starbucksnamefail

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What’s the worst version of your name from Starbucks?

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