Destination Femme had a fantastic time attending Startup Fashion Week and seeing how the business and fashion industries are quickly intertwining together. Make sure to check out our posts featuring the events that we attended to see which new and upcoming designers were featured!
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Startup Fashion Week Launch Party

Startup Fashion Week: Fashion, Tech & Business

Startup Fashion Week (SFW) will debuted last week in Toronto as the world’s only fashion week that goes beyond just runway shows. The Founder and Managing Director, Jodi Goodfellow, created the fashion week to focus on not only fashion, but also on technology and business. She aims to provide the support and awareness that is much needed for new and upcomin fashion startups.

Startup Fashion Week Conference

Startup Fashion Week (SFW): The Business of Fashion

On the second day of Startup Fashion Week, a conference was organized for participants to hear from 18 industry leading experts discussing a variety of topics. From crowdfunding to financing, and media exposure to PR, all topics were covered regarding building a fashion business and working in the corporate level of the industry.

Startup Fashion Week Runway Show and Closing Party

Startup Fashion Week (SFW): Recap

Runways are the definitive events of fashion week and Startup Fashion Week closed up their week long event with one that showcased 5 startup designers as well as 4 wearable tech designers.

With Startup Fashion Week closed, we’re exciting to continue seeing more fashion in the upcoming weeks with World Mastercard Fashion Week. After such a great turn out for SFW, we’re anticipating we’re expecting WMCFW to be just as fantastic!

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