Stealthy Ways to Sneak a Tampon with You

Stealthy Ways to Sneak a Tampon with You

If you’re a girl, you’ve felt that reoccurring frustration with companies like Always and Kotex: why does their packaging have to be so dang bright and colourful??

Stealthy Ways to Sneak a Tampon with You

We’ve all been in that situation: trying to come up with a ninja plan to sneak your pad or tampon with you to the washroom. When the wrappers are so eye catching, you really can’t just take it in your hand without an unsympathetic member of the male specimen noticing.

Well, we’ve done all the planning and scheming for you this time. We’ve lined up some clever, fool-proof ways to bring your feminine products to the bathroom with you without looking suspicious — in any situation. We’ve got you covered.

When you’re in class/tutorial

I think this is the classic example most of us have experienced. Thankfully, it’s also the one with the most solutions. Boots are the perfect place to stick your tampon. Just reach down to get your backpack and rummage around for your tampon. Before getting up, slip it into the side of your boot or even a shoe. And presto!

Stealthy Ways to Sneak a Tampon with You

Lots of girls also carry a non-discreet pouch that they bring with them. The guy’s aren’t going to know what’s inside.

When you’re cuddling with your boyfriend

If you’ve been together for a while, you may not hesitate to tell him to get off, ’cause you need to change your tampon. But if you haven’t, it can be a bit weird to ruin the moment like this.

Now here is a two step process: make an excuse to get your purse (i.e. Let me show you a picture of __ on my phone!). While you’re getting your phone, slip your tampon into the side of your pants and cover it with your shirt. Then go back. Cuddle some more and then go to the bathroom like normal — except this time, you’re equipped!

When you’re at the beach

Stealthy Ways to Sneak a Tampon with You

At the beach in your bathing suit, you’ve not no long sleeves, no pockets, no room in your bikini for to tuck in a tampon. Nightmare scenario, right? But this is where you can take advantage of that wristlet you own — the one that doesn’t fit anything but your phone, credit card… and yes, your tampons.

While taking your entire beach bag to the bathroom may raise eyebrows, no one is going to think twice about your wristlet. Or even see it. If anything, it’ll just look like you’re bringing your phone!

When you’re at the dinner table

Imagine: you’re at a friend’s house laughing, talking, and enjoying food at the table. But your own laughter has an odd shade of fear in it — the fear of leakage. How’re you going to get at that tampon?

Divert everyone’s attention from yourself. Bring up a friend’s funny story and ask them to share it. While everyone is paying attention to that one person’s anecdote, take your purse and run just go. The key here is confidence. Don’t act like you’re doing anything sneaky (you’re not). If you’re quick, people really aren’t going to notice you took anything, or they won’t give it another thought if your friend is telling that hilarious story.

When you’re in a meeting

Stealthy Ways to Sneak a Tampon with You

This is a scenario where you’re subject to many staring eyes, all focused and actively paying attention. If you get up with your purse during a meeting, people are going to assume you’re leaving. And call you out on it. Which then can get pretty awkward fast when everyone pieces together why you’re bringing your purse to the washroom.

This the perfect situation whip out your handy dandy notebook. Notebooks won’t look out of place at a meeting, and are handy because they’re the perfect place to insert a pad.

Here’s what you do: take your purse into your lap and then your notebook. There, open the covers of your notebook to shield from eyes that may wander over to you, while you grab a pad out of your purse and close your book over it.

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