Step Up Your Lip Game: 5 Different Looks With 1 Lipstick


One of the things that we pride the most at Destination Femme is our ingenuity and creativity. Obviously our pockets aren’t made of money, so when we can find different ways to utilize one item, we get that eureka feeling (although we don’t actually shout that out loud). Hey, we like to get the best bang for our buck okay? Today we’ve decided to one up our lip game and to see how many different looks we can get out of the hardest color to master: red.

“Just grab that color and redefine red week as something positive.”

We know that you own at least one red lipstick in your makeup stash. And bets are on that you’ve only worn it as a full lip color. Why? Because what else can you really do with a color that bold? Grab that color and redefine red week as something positive.

Step Up Your Lip Game: 5 Different Looks With 1 Lipstick

Lip color used: Mac, MAC Red

1. The Bold

Let’s start off with the classic bold red lip. It’s both seductive and attention grabbing.

How to: Fill both the top and bottom lip with your color of choice. Red lipstick can be a little bit tricky to apply since it’s such a bright color (you won’t easily get away with smudges), so if you make a mistake, go back in with your concealer to fix the lines and up your lip game. If your color applies on sheerly, try going with 2 coats to get a bolder look as opposed to just 1.

2. The Tint

We love this look for its effortless maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about color bleed or smudged lines!

How to: If you’re more of a lip stain type of girl, cover your lips with 1 coat of the color and then gently blot it off with a tissue to remove some of the pigmentation. You’ll wind up with a more lived in look.

3. The Pucker

If you want that sheer I-just-sucked-on-a-lollipop or I’m-a-vampire-that-just-drank-some-blood look, then tone down the boldness by going for a faded, ombre tint.

How to: Pucker up your lips and apply a thick coat on the inside of your lips, and use your finger to gently blend it out. Apply 2 or 3 more times, and keep blending it. You’ll be left with a natural looking stain that’ll appear as if you had one too many cherries at your grandmother’s picnic. Be sure to apply a setting powder on top so that it doesn’t smudge!

4. The Harajuku

If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous and want to go down the route of something that’s a little bit more playful, kicking it back to 2004 circa Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls, by amping up the lip game with a heart.

How to: You can attempt to free-hand a heart with the tube of lipstick if you’ve got a steady hand, or opt for precision by using a lip brush.

5. The Kimmy

One of our favorite cartoons in the 90’s was Kim Possible, because she was already on that Facetime game long before iPhones even existed. We¬†wanted to recreate her signature look, with a bold top lip and a nude bottom.

How to: Apply your lipstick the same way you would for the The Bold, except this time, don’t put any color onto your lower lip. And there you go! Half the work but twice as artistic! You’re welcome.

Which one would you pick to up your lip game?


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