Stop The Binging: How To Trick Your Mind Into Being Full

healthy eating, binge eating

healthy eating, binge eating

We’ve all had those days where it seems our tummy is a bottomless pit. No matter how much food we ingest, we keep reaching out for more. After a while, our tummy’s protrude and all of a sudden we’re bloated beyond relief. This easily leads to weight gain and loss of appetite. How do we stop this insane binging from happening again? Trick your mind into being full and watch as the shedding leads to a healthier and happier you.


1. WATER. The ultimate liquid of them all. Thirty minutes before every meal, try to drink a cup of water. Eat a lot of vegetables, soups, fruits or anything with a lot of liquids to keep yourself full without the need to consume more rice or bread.

2. Researchers conducted a test to observe the effects of food triggers. If you start eating something healthy at the beginning of the meal, chances are you’ll stick with healthy choices for the rest of the meal. This applies to eating out at buffets, potlucks, etc. If you start off the day with something fatty, this trigger food will influence the rest of the choices you make so stick with something nutritious every morning! Put the empty carbs away or add a tiny dessert to the end of your meal only.

3. If you’re reaching for the snacks right after a meal, go do some jumping jacks or read a book instead. It might not be your stomach craving food but instead your boredom causing you to do something that brings pleasure such as eating. You’re probably not reaching for the carrot sticks but instead the cheese crackers. Yup, we’ve all been there, done that.


4. Portion control is seriously important when you want to keep your binging in check. When grabbing left-overs out of the fridge, take a small bowl and fill it up. Quickly place the rest back in the fridge and heat up your food to eat. Without the stimulus tempting you in the face, you won’t have easy access to grabbing more food. Out of sight, out of mind people!

5. Chew slowly and thoroughly instead of chomping down that burger in a few bites. Let your mouth savour the flavours! Don’t rush it all to your tummy before even getting a chance to enjoy the meal in front of you. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize it’s full, so give it some time.

6. Cut the distractions. I usually shovel food into my mouth while reading a book or watching a Netflix show then reach for more when my chapter isn’t finished or I have a few more minutes left on the episode. You want all the goodie stimuli to keep going so the high of eye-candy and mouthgasm doesn’t end. But after the show, you probably feel incredibly guilty and not at all satisfied. Focus on just the one and you’ll be thanking yourself later.


7. Forget the harsh and bright lighting. Researchers found that restaurant goers ate less when the atmosphere was more dim. Get your LED lightbulbs up in the kitchen ASAP!

8. Time to learn how to use chopsticks and put away the spoon and fork. Picking up your food requires more energy and thus causes you to intake less. This is why they call it “forking it in”. Let go of the fork.


Think you can trick your brain?


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