Is Your Style Spring Ready? Here Is Your Ultimate Checklist

Is Your Wardrobe Spring Ready? Here Is Your Ultimate Checklist

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Don’t worry, mine isn’t either! This just means we have to go shopping, girlfriends. With Spring around the corner we can begin to put away winter’s wardrobe, guilt-free and enjoy Spring’s fashion. Here are the five items which will help you transition into Spring and get your wardrobe ready for the long awaited sun:

The Spring Jacket

Is Your Wardrobe Spring Ready? Here Is Your Ultimate ChecklistYou can finally put away your enormous winter coat and enjoy the Spring breeze with a light Spring jacket. Do keep those warm, cozy sweaters from winter for just a little bit longer – you’ll need them under your Spring jackets.

Choose a jacket that’s lightweight and waterproof to protect you from the Spring showers. Shop for color – think Spring flowers! Why not go the extra mile an invest in two jackets? This way you’ll have more looks to play with and more fun with fashion. Think fresh!



Spring Booties For Every Occasion

Is Your Wardrobe Spring Ready? Here Is Your Ultimate ChecklistYou can have so much fun with the right pair of shoes in your arsenal. Think outside of the box. You don’t have to only keep flip-flops in stock, or a pair of plain TOMS. You’ll need the classic rain boot, the fun, peep-toe bootie, the ankle boots and the knee-high boot.

Essentially, when you have these in your wardrobe, life becomes easier to dress for the weather. With Spring comes a lot of showers, muddy roads, snow-melting weather and sunshine.

Be prepared for the wetter weather with rainboots, and for the sunshine and dry days with your cute cut-out booties!

Your knee-high boots will be perfect for cooler days that don’t bring rain or snow, but are still sunny with a slight chill in the air. These are especially perfect for early morning errands when the air is still crisp!



Umbrellas For Rainy Days

Is Your Wardrobe Spring Ready? Here Is Your Ultimate ChecklistYou know you are going to need an umbrella sexy momma! Don’t deny it. Everyone is well familiar with the phrase “April showers brings May flowers”.

As much as we love Spring showers we don’t want our hair getting wet, which we just had blow-dried at the salon, and we want to avoid our mascara from running down our cheeks. Buying the right umbrella is an event all on its own. Look for the wooden handle which not only tends to be a tad more sturdier than the plastic ones and more posh!

If you tend to go out with friends, look for a wider umbrella so that you can all huddle under it together instead of walking far apart with separate umbrellas.


Silk Scarves For Both Functionality & Decor

This is a must-have Spring accessory to get your wardrobe ready for the season. It looks absolutely fabulous, it’s very versatile and it keeps the wind away on those breezy days. With the silk scarf we can create a myriad of stylish looks.

Is Your Wardrobe Spring Ready? Here Is Your Ultimate Checklist

Bring a Pop! of colour to your outfits by including a scarf to your Spring look, amiga! Tie your scarf around the handle of your purse for an haute couture look and to have it handy for when you need it.

On windy days, you can tie up your hair with a scarf to keep it out of your face. If it’s windy enough that there’s a lot of dust flying around, wrap it around your head to protect your gorgeous eyes.


Spring Makeup – Fresh And Bright

Is Your Wardrobe Spring Ready? Here Is Your Ultimate ChecklistSpring screams fresh. Get your wardrobe Spring ready by adding a splash of colour to your face, GF. Corals are always flattering on all skin tones and so are the rosy hues. Coral tones are also very youthful and fresh looking as it’s a bright yet not a neon color that brings a pop to your face.

When in doubt, take a look at Cara Delevnigne’s Spring face. I love the blue eyeliner paired with the coral lip – it’s radiant and beautiful. White or light colored eyeshadow helps to make your eyes appear brighter which in turn makes you appear more awake.

Avoid black and brown around the eyes for Spring. Avoid using darker colors because they will close off your eyes, making you look sleepy and tired. This is the complete opposite that you’re trying to achieve.

Think about which colours will give your skin the Spring glow and have fun with them this season.



Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party!” – Robin Williams


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