Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are the epitome of style and comfort blended together in an outfit. You achieve both the relaxed feel of a sweat pant but with the chic aesthetic of a fashion blogger. What makes it even better is the fact that you no longer need to go running to your boyfriend’s closet to steal his pants, or shopping in the men’s section if you don’t have a significant other. Thanks to its catapult of popularity within the past year, boyfriend jeans specifically designed for a feminine frame are available at retail locations everywhere and anywhere. Once you’ve snagged your perfect pair though, the challenge begins. How do you style these jeans without looking frumpy? There are ways to wear them for every occasion, from your quick grocery run, to an office appropriate look. If you need some tips on styling then look no further, we’ve curated a variety of looks to help you both look and feel your best in these jeans.


You’re tired of your work uniform and high heels, so now you want a look that’s more comfortable and relaxed but doesn’t verge on the look of homelessness or gym rat. Velour track suits are so pass√©, so you’ve come up with the bright idea of purchasing a pair of boyfriend jeans. But now the problem is what to pair them with in order to look good, but to give off that “I just threw this outfit together in five seconds” vibe.

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Re-enter the world of jeans and a T-shirt. The slouchier the shirt the better. Personally we prefer the nautical relaxed vibe that a striped shirt gives off but if you’re not into horizontal stripes than stick with a plain white T. Anything that is in a single solid color looks better than a loud print. Save those patterns for your next floral dress. Here’s the time to throw on that stretched out T-shirt that you couldn’t part ways with and pair it with your boyfriend jeans to give off that “I’m too cool for school” feel. Pair it with the most comfortable shoes you own (we love Chucks) to complete the outfit. If you’re daring enough to go grocery shopping with a pair of heels then go for it, but loose booties and flats always look best to keep the outfit looking relaxed.

Casual Day Wear

The goal here is to style your boyfriend jeans in a look that would be appropriate to go out during the day without feeling frumpy. Pick up a less baggy pair of boyfriend jeans that taper a little bit more towards the ankle and that is slimmer around the hips. You’re looking for something verging slightly in the silhouette of a boot/skinny cut. This shows off more of your figure without making the outfit too girly and formfitting.

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Crop, lace and button-ups instantly girlify boyfriend jeans. They add a little bit of detail and oompf to an otherwise very relaxed outfit. Honestly anything besides a loose plain T-shirt will make your denim look at lot more put together already. If you’re worried of a slight chill, make sure to bring with you a loose cardigan or blazer to cover up your shoulders.

Put Together

If you’re looking for a more polished look without appearing like you’re ready to walk into work any second, try adding a structured coat over top of your shirt. Heels always make a statement as well. Because your bottom is already heavier looking by the boyfriend jeans, avoid wearing chunky shoes. Instead opt for a pair of skinny sling backs or a pair of strappy stilettos to retain a feminine edge to your outfit.

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Heels, heels, heels! Look how nicely a pair of good heels and a blazer pair together for a more feminie and flirty looking but casual outfit. The fashionista in the fourth photo is even wearing an edgy leather jacket but doesn’t look like she’s ready to join a biker gang any day thanks to her studded heels. Try to keep your accessories and bag dainty as we told you before, the boyfriend jeans already look a little heavy.

Office Appropriate

If you’re tired of wearing trousers or skirt to work everyday, here’s the chance to let your legs breathe. Try picking up a pair of boyfriend jeans in a darker wash so that your outfit is more sophisticated. Lighter washes tend to be more casual looking. You also want to avoid a pair of jeans with rips and tears. The destroyed look can be unprofessional and may not be as clean-cut as you believe. It’s best to pair your jeans with a clean and pressed dress shirt to make your outfit appear more put together.

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

Make sure to bring a nice structured bag with you to work when wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans. The outfit is already so relaxed you want something to keep the entire look clean. If you’re a denim fiend, why not try out a Canadian Tuxedo (denim on the top and bottom) to keep the whole look streamlined. Make sure to use two different shades of denim or you risk the chance of looking like you walked into work in a denim onesie.

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