10 Summer Cocktails to Enjoy This Summer (Just Add Friends!)

Citrussy, light, refreshing, ice-cold summer cocktails! Just grab some friends, find a patio, and enjoy!

Summer is the perfect time to round up your friends, try out some new cocktail recipes, and head out to the patio for some sunshine and fun! We’ve rounded up some of our top cocktails to try out this summer.  Some of then are tried & true, and some of them are on our to-try list!

The perfect cocktail is refreshing, delicious, and has the perfect amount of sweetness!

Cool Twist on a Classic

1) Rhubarb-Hibiscus Mojito : The classic grandma’s garden rhubarb mixed with the tropical hibiscus, then combined with rum and mint to create this refreshing twist on a classic! Recipe and photo by Katie at the Kitchen Door.


2) Gingered Peach Margarita: Zesty ginger, sweet peaches, and tarte lime juice give this margarita a little something special! Get the recipe here from Red Book.

gingered peach margarita

3) Tequila Sangria: Sangria is the classic patio drink.  Perfect for sharing from a pitcher, packed with fruity, sugary goodness, and to top it all off, it looks gorgeous! This tequila sangria recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

tequila sangria

4) Ginger Lemongrass Pina Colada: A twist on the classic pina colada with double the refreshment and zing!


5) Watermelon Martini: A refreshing twist on the classic martini featuring the most refreshing fruit of all time- the watermelon.  The ultimate summer cocktail for enjoying on a girls night!


Modern Refreshment

6) Cucumber Pineapple Tequila Cooler Tart, refreshing, citrusy, and with a dash of tequila! Perfect soaking up the sun beside the pool.


7) Champagne Punch: A bubbly punch perfect for cocktail hour.


8) Vodka Thyme Lemonade: A refreshing take on lemonade with a zesty Thyme flavour.

vodka Thyme Lemondae

9) Blackberry Mint Julep: This recipe from Martha Stewart is everything refreshing without being overly sweet.

blackberry mint julep

10) Honey Dew Fizz: The refreshing taste of honey dew mixed with fizzy soda and vodka! Perfect daytime summer cocktail.

honeydew fizz

So tell us:

What is your favourite summer cocktail?

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