10 Summer Desserts You Have to Try!

Citrusy, sweet, zesty, refreshing, frozen, pureed, and oh so delicious! These summer desserts are sure to please any crowd.

The summer dessert is lighter, more refreshing, and often zestier then it’s counterpart the heavy, rich winter dessert.  However, although it is often lighter on calories and in density, it is definitely not lacking in flavour! We’ve gathered the best of citrusy, fruity, airy, fluffy, and frozen summer desserts for you and your family to try this summer.  NOTE: All desserts are best enjoyed on a sunny outdoor patio with friends.

Blueberry Lemon Tart

BLueberry Lemon Creamcheese tart

Puff pastry, filled with lemon-infused cream cheese and topped with fresh blueberries.  We love this tart! Get the recipe here.

Plum Upside Down Cake

Plum upside down cake

This cake is not only a work of art thanks to the vibrant plums, but it tastes great too! Get the recipe here.

Fresh Peach Cake

Seasonally ripe peaches combined with a classic cinnamon and vanilla cake.  It’s as delicious as it sounds! I brought this to a summer pot luck last year and it was a huge hit! Get the recipe here.

Fresh Peach Cake

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

This refreshing treat can be mixed up simply by replacing the fruit with whatever is seasonal! Get the recipe here.

blueberry frozen

Zesty Raspberry Tarte

Made with seasonal fresh berries, this tarte is refreshing and delicious!

raspberry tart

Strawberry Maple Cake

This is sweet and oh so delicious.  Get the recipe for this decadent treat here.

maple strawberry cake

Red Currant Mousse 

This is a super sweet, smooth, and fruity dessert with the perfect amount of tartness.  Served in small portions, it makes the perfect summer dessert.  Get the recipe here.

red currant mouse

Raspberry Nectarine Pie

Sweet and tart, this pie is as gorgeous as it is delicious!

Raspberry NEctarine Pie

Get the recipe here.

Sour Cherry Buckle

The tartness of seasonal cherries makes this streusel cake irresistible!

Sour Cherry Buckle

Get the recipe here.

Frozen Peanut Butter Pie Pops

frozen peanute butter pie pops

Get the recipe here.

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