Top 20 Anthems for Your Summer Playlist 2014 (VIDEOS)


Every summer has its anthem.  Last year it was a toss up Icona Pop’s I Love It and Miley’s We Can’t Stop, but what will this years anthem be? There are may to choose from, and we’ve rounded up our top 20 pop songs for summer 2014 for you to enjoy! No matter what your mood, we’ve got a summer anthem for almost every occasion.  Listen, dance, learn the lyrics, and sing along.  Whatever one you find you can’t get out of your head tomorrow is going to be your summer anthem.

Check out our full playlist here:

1)   Calvin Harris- Summer

With a title like that, it’s simply necessary that this song makes the list.  This upbeat song, with lyrics that are sure to remind you of a special summer fling, will make you dance and feel nostalgic at the same time.  That’s a perfect recipe for a summer anthem!

2)   Iggy Azalea- Fancy feat. Charli XCX

A girl anthem, ideal for pre-drinks while you get ready with your ladies.  The perfect pump up song for a night on the town in your summer dresses, heels and fancy attitude.  But then… you already know.

3)   Ariana Grande- Problem feat. Iggy Azalea

The most adorable pop star alive collabs with the coolest female rapper to recently grace the scene.  It’s 1 part adorabley addictive, 1 part girl-power awesome, and 2 parts make-you-dance-and-sing-along, making it a perfect summer jam!

4)   Ed Sheeran- Sing

Who else thought this was Justin Timberlake? We see a totally different side of Ed Sheeran in his latest single, Sing.  A upbeat dance/pop song that is so catchy you can’t help but, well… sing!

5)   Sam Smith- Stay With Me

This is a slower summer anthem, for late night drives and nights on the beach with your special someone.  Sam Smith’s romantic, desperate croon is slightly hilarious (watch the video and try not to smile), but he makes a beautiful song that speaks to the romantic in all of us.  Who wants to bet that this will be featured at all summer weddings this summer?

6)   John Legend- All of Me

Very similar to Sam Smith’s rom-song, John Legend’s latest hit is the other contestant for summer wedding song of 2014.   This one could also double as the song you listen to and cry your eyes out when you are going through a summer break up.  So if you aren’t having the summer of your dreams, this just might be the anthem for you (sorry)! It’s a truly beautiful song though.

7)   Naughty Boy- La La La feat. Sam Smith

Here’s a song that you think is a fun, upbeat song, but then when you listen to the lyrics and watch the video, you realize it’s actually a pretty sad song with some real meaning.  The video starts with a boy in an abusive home that covers his ears and sings “La La La” to block out the yelling.  Then you follow him through the city where he gathers a bunch of other misfits in bad situations and they all block out the noise together.  But let’s not overanalyze this song (that’s a little heavy for summer), and just appreciate the catchy beat and chorus.

8)   Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake- Love Never Felt So Good

Yes, you read that right.  MJ is releasing songs from beyond the grave! His previously recorded but unreleased album called XSCAPE is finally (slowly) being remastered and released to the public.  Of course, Justin Timberlake is the perfect artist to compliment MJ’s style and add a modern edge to it.  Plus, consider that the song is fun, upbeat, positive, and perfect for dancing (wouldn’t be a true Jackson song without a great beat).  This song is a serious contender for summer anthem of the year.

9)   5 Seconds of Summer- Don’t Stop

You might not have caught their name at the Billboard Awards (thx Kendall), but this up & coming boy band should have 1D running scared.  They are all the handsome of 1D with a dose of bad boy.  Nothing like a edgy pop boyband to get you excited for summer.  Don’t Stop playing this hit!

10) Eminem- Headlights feat. Nate Reuss

It just wouldn’t be summer without a new Eminem release: Eminem rapping with a ridiculously catchy chorus.  Am I the only one who only really likes Eminem for the catchy choruses (that he’s not even a part of)?  If you can’t tell, I’m not his biggest fan, but this impossibly catchy song made it to the anthem playlist for it’s sheer addictive power (thanks to Nate Reuss from Fun.).  This song is apparently an apology to his mother for hating her for so many years.  So remember kids, keep your summer listening light!

11) Gorgon City- Here for you feat. Laura Welsh

Now here’s an upbeat song that is sure to get you in a dancing mood! Gorgon City is an English Electronic music producing duo, and combined with Laura Welsh’s sweet voice, they seem to have their first major hit on their hands! Just in time to be our bonified summer anthem.

12) Lana Del Ray- West Coast

Another slower jam, but one that is definitely worthy of summer anthem status.  Lana Del Ray defined summer of 2012 with Video Games and Blue Jeans, and I think she’s back to do it again.  It’s a song about love and the coast- what more could we want?!

13)  Little Mix- Salute

Now here is a real girl anthem! This rivals Girls on Top and Survivor, both by Beyoncé, for the ultimate, kick-ass, girl theme song.  You can dance to it, or listen to it pre-night out to get stoked for a confident night with your ladies.   Listen to it before a big interview, or before meeting your man’s parents, or going anywhere you might run into an ex.  Basically, listen to it whenever you want to feel like a women to be feared. #Salute

14)  One Direction- You & I

Romantic once again.  This new release from One Direction is (I assume) making directioners all across the world wish it was being sung directly to them.  Do you think it has what it takes to be the summer anthem of 2014? I have some doubts, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be on my summer playlist!

15) Alicia Keys- It’s on again feat. Kendrick Lamar

From the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, this song is very catchy.  We haven’t heard much from Alicia Keys since New York, but this could be her next big

16) Childish Gambino- Sweatpants feat. Problem

The lyrics in this song are just too good to be ignored.  While there is no catchy chorus, Childish Gambino makes for some easy listening and the occasional LOL as you take in what he’s saying.  Summer anthem worthy?

17) Rita Ora- I Will Never Let You Down

Take a listen.  Could Rita be this year’s summer queen??

18) Ellie Goulding- Beating Heart

Ellie has been queen of summer music festivals for the past couple years now.  Will 2014 be the same with this hit from the Divergent soundtrack??

19) Jason Derulo- Talk Dirty

Even though you probably already have the lyrics to this popular song memorized, it isn’t going anywhere soon!

20) Katy Perry- Birthday

First of all- this video is hilarious.  Katy Perry portray 5 hilarious birthday entertainers throughout the video and then at the end reveals herself as Katy Perry.  Plus, the song is great and will get stuck in your head for sure.

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