Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas for 2014

What to wear on the biggest day of someone else's life?

Summer wedding outfits can be tricky business.  What if it’s humid? What if it rains? You don’t want to outshine the bride, but at the same time, you definitely want to attract attention from the babely groomsmen.  You shouldn’t wear white, but is off-white okay? What about maxi dresses? Can you wear flats to a wedding?

There are many things to take into consideration before selecting the perfect wedding outfit.  One of the most important things to consider is the religion and culture of the betrothed couple.  You don’t want to show up in your favourite clubbing outfit (which you should never do anyways) at an orthodox jewish wedding.  You should also consider the age of most of the guests.  You don’t want to be offending Aunt Jemima with your nipple covers and mini skirt.  You might be thinking “I don’t care what Aunt Jemima thinks about my tata’s!”, but what you really need to consider is that you are there as a guest of the bride or groom.  You need to dress tastefully and in a similar fashion sense that suits their wedding.  Beach wedding? You can afford to be a little more casual.  Wedding in the fanciest hotel in New York? You might want to spend a bit more on your wedding outfit.

We’ve put together some of our favourite selections for summer weddings in 2014.  The outfits we’ve chosen are a bit on the fancy pants side of wedding attire, but the fun, flirty lengths make them a bit more casual.  If you need to make them a bit more casual, then switch it up with a nice pair of flats or more casual jewelry.

The most important thing to remember is that you want to feel comfortable at a wedding.  You want an outfit that will grow with you while you eat all the delightful grub, drink all the free wine, and move with you while you dance the night away. And of course- make you look like a sophisticated babe.

Check out our gallery of outfit collages, and be sure to let us know in the comments what outfit you would rock to a summer wedding!

Cool Cobalt

Get the look:

John Lewis Warehouse Open Neck Skater Dress in Bright Blue ($46.00)

Burberry Roslin Calf Hair Clutch,  $1080,00

Jeffery Campbell Pony Hair Darling Pump, $168.76

ASOS articulated arrow earrings ($12.91)

ASOS Love Rocks articulated feather ring (68.84)

Garden Fresh

Get the look:

River Island Bright Green Double Layer Strappy Slip Dress ($35.00)

Kate Spade New York Holly Street Remi Clutch in Gulabi (226.41)

Oasis Beaded Cluster Statement Necklace ($18.00)

Ted Baker Luucey Pump ($228.69)

Kate Spade  Secret Garden Stone Stud Earrings (66.32)

Metal Fringe

Get the look:

ASOS Hampton Heeled Sandal, $75.30

Zoe and Morgan Love Returns Bird Ring, $266.77

Top Shop Kate Moss Collection Beaded Fringe Dress, $250.00

Zara Crystal Necklace, $49.90

MILLY Clutch Rivington Metallic Fringe Zip, 374.60


Get the look:

Top Shop Ribbed Cropped Vest in Black, C$8.00

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Leather Clutch in Neon Yellow, C$195.00

Top Shop Floral Pleated Midi Skirt, C$67.00

Prada Fringe Sandal, C$971.94

Johnnie Loves Rosie Clara Lemon Multipack Necklace & Earrings C$75.30

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