Sunscreen is a Waste of Time, Right?

There’s no point in Sunscreen.
It’s just getting in the way of my tan!

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This is generally the face we make at the thought of smelly, gross, and oily sunscreen being lathered everywhere on our bodies (and face). Which, we feel, causes insta-breakouts. With the warm sun blazing on our skin and a mojito in hand, the last thing we’re thinking about is “Damn, I’m missing my sunscreen. Let me take myself away from this moment to go slap some of that oily stuff on”. Not to mention, if we’re being honest here, we are were occasional users of tanning oils. We know, we know, it’s horrible for us. Though, with the recent surge in publicity that sunscreen has been getting, we’ve decided to reconsider our position on sunscreen.

SPF is something to definitely give some thought to (we stand punched in the face with our tanning oils in hand). Most moisturizers at drugstores and by designer brands seem to incorporating SPF into their products as well- and for good reason. Sun damage affects all of us and most of the time we don’t notice until our skin gets older, saggier, tougher, and well… looking like a burnt piece of leather (in extreme cases).

Dermatologist Leslie Baumann notes that:

If your skin isn’t constantly fighting off UV rays and free radicals, it can actually have the leeway to repair itself and reverse past damage

Over time, using SPF in your daily moisturizers and slapping on that sunscreen really will make your skin stay young, beautiful, and do wonders for your complexion. That being said, big players in the sunscreen game are creating products that will keep you comfortable with that oily sunscreen on. The spray versions are a personal favourite of ours because we don’t have to get our hands dirty. If you’ve got kids, this is a good way to go too.

We’ve rounded up some of our top sunscreens and SPF products:

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How do you see the importance of sunscreen? What are your favourite products?


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