How to Survive a Frenemy (While Keeping Your Cool)

How to Survive a Frenemy (While Keeping Your Cool)

How to Survive a Frenemy (While Keeping Your Cool)

Sometimes the people that we thought we knew, turn out to be huge beeshes. It’s cool, you won’t know what a person is truly like right off the back so you can’t always judge how to act around them immediately. The only problem is that by the time you realize that they’re not exactly somene that you want to be friends with, y’all already be besties. So how exactly do you amicably deal with this frenemy without making the relationship awkward or letting them know that you hate them?

1. Slowly Phase Her Out

People naturally drift, so if you slowly phase out your friend, it won’t be as obvious. Talk to her the way you would, but when girl be asking you to chill, only say yes to a handful of invites. Try to do smaller things with her such as grabbing coffee instead of going on 3 hour long shopping dates.

The less time you spend with her, the weaker your bond will become. Eventually she’ll start hanging out with other people and making new friends

How to Survive a Frenemy (While Keeping Your Cool)2. Don’t Reply Back to Texts Immediately

Replying to someone’s text instantly shows that you care. If you want her to think that you’re no longer close, wait awhile to respond. Or just don’t reply at all. Passive aggressiveness can always get the work done for you!

3. Point Out Her Faults

People generally like others who are nice to them. So if you start to subtly point out her faults, she’ll slowly pull away from you. Unless she likes the negativity that is, but at that point you’d want to drop her instantly anyways cuz beeshes be cray.

4. Cut Her Out Like a Cold Turkey

What better way to point out that you no longer want to be someone’s friend other than to cut them out cold turkey? Sure it’s harsh and difficult (especially when you have the same circle of friends), but it’s the easiest way to get rid of someone that’s dragging you down.

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