How to Survive the Holidays as a Poor & Generous Person

How to Survive the Holidays as a Poor & Generous Person

How to Survive the Holidays as a Poor & Generous Person

As the holidays near, if you’re NOT a Grinch, then you’re probably way ahead of your game and getting ready for all of the parties that you’ll be invited to. The snow is on the ground, the malls are decorated, the city trees are lit up, how can you NOT feel the festive season upon us? However, there only really is one problem, money. If you’re a generous person and have a lot of gifts to give around (tis the season of giving am I right?), then December seems to spread you quite thin. Not to mention if you have some friends or family members that also have birthdays in this month. Maybe it should be illegal to give birth in December, double the gifts anyone? My wallet ain’t loaded!

But there always are ways to get around spending exorbitant amounts of money and still live in the spirit of Kris Kringle.

1. Secret Santa

Everyone loves games (and surprises). If you’ve got a large circle of friends, organize a game of Secret Santa so that you’ll only have to pick out one gift. You’ll also save yourself the hassle and stress of finding everyone the perfect gift.

How to Survive the Holidays as a Poor & Generous Person

2. Charity Donation

Since it is the season of giving, why not give to those who can’t share gifts themselves? Get together with your group of friends and dedicate this year’s presents to a charity of your choice to help others out. Be that generous person and share the spirit of Christmas with someone else!

3. Bring Some Goodies

The best present is always food. Always. There’s nothing more that I love than getting plates of food and knowing that I won’t have to cook for a couple of days. Who wants to cook during the holidays anyways?

4. Knitwear

If you’re living north of the equator and the weather isn’t your best friend, make sure to keep your actual friends warm! Go DIY this season and make some scarfs and mitts to stay protected from the cold. This way you can show that not only are you a generous person, but a caring one too.

5. Become a Netflix Hermit

If you don’t got the cash to rock it with your pals, then stay at home and make Netflix your buddy for the month. #TeamSweatPants. You won’t exactly be the most generous person around, but at least you won’t run yourself into the ground buying presents.

How to Survive the Holidays as a Poor & Generous Person

6. Go “Vintage”

Vintage was a huge trend this year, so convince your friends that you’re on the forefront of consumerism by getting them all “vintage” gifts. They don’t have to know that vintage to you means Value Village or the consignment store hidden in a dark alley. To them, you’ll just seem like a super generous person by going out and buying gifts for everyone.

7. Max Your Bandwidth on DIY Youtube Videos

If you don’t know what to buy, put some love into your gifts by sourcing Youtube for ideas. There are tons of great DIY tutorials out there to get your creative juices flowing. Just make sure that you’re actually making the stuff and not just going on a video watching marathon.

[quote_center]How do you plan on staying frugal this year?[/quote_center]

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