Yesterday morning at 8 AM EST marked the official long awaited release of the #AlexanderWangXHM collaboration that the world anticipated. The clusterstorm of the release meant that hundreds of desperate fashionable individuals would line up overnight in front of their H&Ms in the hopes of snatching up a piece  from the celebrated collection. Was the collection worth the hype? Let us break it down for you.

Sports Wear Luxe

First off, Alexander Wang is a huge proponent of comfortable clothing with a luxurious touch. Yes, sweatpants are comfortable, but you won’t catch him designing a Roots look-a-like. His H&M collaboration was luxe sportswear chic, so think leather sweat pants and scuba cropped sweaters.

I Survived the #AlexanderWangXHM Collaboration

Drapery is a thing of the past (there were a couple) since the Alexander Wang x HM collaboration was mostly body conscious or structurally designed to make people look like Michelin men.

The forecasted popular item de jour was the cropped scuba sweater with Wang plastered across the front. For a relatively affordable cost ($59.95), the garment is constructed relatively well. Although most of us were expecting a sweat pant material style shirt since it came in a heathered grey. This sweatshirt was ridiculously oversized and had us looking like we were UFO saucers hovering over sticks called legs. With stove pipes for arms coming out from the sides, had this collection come out a month in advance, you’d have the perfect scarecrow costume for Halloween.

Verdict: Not worth it.

Tip: If you missed out on picking it up in store, then it definitely isn’t worth it to pay almost $200 on eBay.

Athletic Wear

Although the Alexander Wang x H&M collection was designed with athletics in mind and the pieces are meant to be used beyond just fashion, if you’re actually going to be wearing any of the clothes to do sports with, then take heed.

I Survived the Alexander Wang X H&M Collaboration

A sports bra is not a sports bra if it can’t even be used for a sport. Take their neon yellow “sports top”. It’s not remotely stretchy (which is basically a must for any tight athletic clothing), especially around the waist or torso band. Sure, it’s supposed to fit snug, but how are you even supposed to wear it if it doesn’t even fit over your head. Anyone else here have shoulder widths that are the same as their torso? Yeah we didn’t think so.

And with a sports bra being this tight (yes we want support too), your boobs had better be A cups to fit or else you’ll have a serious case of boob spillage.

We didn’t bother trying out any of the sports bras (a spandex type one was labelled medium support – nope) since our view of this one was so low, albiet it’s gorgeous design and threadthrough of material.

Verdict: Skip it.

Evening Wear

Bandage dresses are always and forever will be popular. Out are the elegantly chic Herve Leger silhouettes and in are the sporty lux Alexander Wang x H&M designs. Intermixing a variety of fabrics such as sport mesh, dry-wick and as well as piping, Alexander Wang x H&M collection’s woven technique brought out a modern side to bondage. We like it.

I Survived the Alexander Wang X H&M Collaboration

And although black is Alexander Wang’s color of choice, he decided to satiate our color cravings and provide a little bit of blue piping to an otherwise 50 shades of grey and black dress. On that note, there was another bondage-like dress that was constructed out of black neoprene and a wide elastic band that lacked color a propos to his usual aesthetic.

Similar to the sports bra fiasco though, the blue dress’ piping isn’t stretchable, so to put it on we had to step into it and wriggle a wedgie up our hips to put it on. The other black dress we didn’t even bother with trying on since the material seemed so tight overall.

But, we do have the say that both of the silhouettes were very slimming and perfect for hiding that post-dinner ponch.

Verdict: If you were able to wriggle into these dresses without tearing a seam then buy them all!

Casual Wear

Moving on to some casual wear, Alexander Wang is best known for his popular “model-off-duty” designs. Laid back, effortless, casual and comfortable. A lot of his casual wear had looser fits (baggy T’s as well as some loose tanks) and everyone knows that T-shirt dresses are the epitome of dressy casual. We actually fell in love with this white perforated dress that had mesh panelling on it (WMCFW S/S 2015 predicted a heavy mesh trend for the upcoming seasons) making it perfect for the fashionista,  but it still fell short.

I Survived the Alexander Wang X H&M Collaboration

The crew neck was too… (well for lack of a better word) crew. We felt like we were suffucoating in a cloud of white mesh. And before you suggest sizing up, the shoulders were to wide and the sleeves were the same. The overall fit of this T-shirt dress was baggy in the wrong places, and to top if off, the sleeves were also too short. We did see several bloggers pulling off this look nicely though, so if you can style it and have the cash to blow, we’d encourage this piece!

Verdict: If you’ve got the skills to pay the bills (and style this dress) then it’s a yes!

With our rushed 10 minutes of picking out clothing, we didn’t have much of a chance to get any other pieces before we were coralled into the changerooms. Lesson learnt: buy it all immediately and decide later. Our H&M had a 7 day return policy specifically for the Alexander Wang collection, which is more than generous since we bet you’re probably excited enough to try on your purchases at work (we know we did).  So at the next collaboration, get your stuff and run. Come back later to the cheers of other shoppers who see you returning your unwanted wares and get that money back to spend on the next collab!

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