Synched Light Decorations That Deserve A Standing Ovation

At this time of the year, it’s hard to not take the side streets home. There’s an assortment of obscenities drawing you to them. There are the houses decorated so aggressively, with barely any brick and mortar left to the eye are hard to not stare at questionably. But then, as though to balance it all out, you’ve got the houses that bought a half string of lights and tossed them up into the tree, hoping they would latch onto something.

As you reach the end of the first street, seriously questioning why you took this dark, dark road ¬†at the expense of 18 extra stop signs, the light at the end of the tunnel appears. You’ve caught¬†sight of those beautifully lit, colour coordinated, MUSICALLY SYNCHED light decorations that validates all you’ve been through. Bless those beautiful people, they’ve reinforced your faith in the holiday season (and humanity).

synched light decorations

So, in attempts to save you from the tragic decorations that are only made okay by the Christmas miracles, we’ve decided to bring the magic to you. We have compiled a set of the best musical Christmas lights of all time, with multiple interpretations of pieces from the Transiberian Orchestra.

But Have No Fear, We’ve Got The Prettiest Synched Light Decorations To Put You At Ease

This house’s musically synched light decorations features 35,367 lights divided up into 179 different channels, and the house is also making a difference! You can donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association through them.

Here’s another rendition of the TSO’s Nutcracker:

There’s even one for the kids, synched to the High School Musical soundtrack:

One for your space geek little brother, synched christmas lights to Space Odyssey:

… And one for the heavy metal dude you know…?

And here’s one that puts Candyland to shame. Yeah, don’t act like you didn’t play the CD Rom veresion of Candyland that came in cereal boxes.

But here’s our favourite, beautiful and elegant, Holdman takes the cake:

If these houses have had any affect on you, you’re probably wondering at the least, how to make Christmas lights dance like this.

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Do You Think You Could Pull Off Lights Like These?

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