T-Shirt Heaven For Every Style


On top of jeans, tucked into a skirt, over your yoga pants… there’s nothing better than a perfect t-shirt.

We have seen a resurgence of the T-shirt (especially printed T’s)- every quote, drawing, print, and profanity has been spun into a t-shirt of some sort. We’re not complaining because “the t-shirt” is on our list of favourite things in the world. What we think makes a t-shirt (yes, even those weird ones) a perfect style staple is that it says so much about you and your personal style. It allows us to peer into the type of things you like- and we would go as far as to say that it allows us to get a sense of your personality or perhaps your mood that day.

For example, these t-shirts, we think, say quite a bit:

So these three are perhaps a little offensive (to say the least) and doesn’t really say much about someone’s style. Our point is that, since we can remember, t-shirts have given someone’s personal style a pretty direct voice. We like that. Although, that is not to say that we’re a fan of offensive t-shirts. Although, we suppose, “all in good fun” makes it seem less offensive.

Regardless, we love the t-shirt. Beyond its character, we adore the comfort and versatility of a t-shirt, there really is nothing better. It is heaven in a top, we like to say (especially if you can find that 50/50 perfect blend). And for every style, there’s a realm of t-shirts just ready to be cherished by you. We’ve rounded up some great choices that are clearly very diverse- click on them to see what we’ve labeled them as.

Consider this our “Ode to le T-shirt”!

Tell us:

What do you love about your favourite T-shirt? Why?

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