Tips For Taking Care Of Bleached or Colored Hair

Bleached or Colored Hair
Coloring your hair can be fun, but also a scary task. We’ve all heard the horror stories of immense damage, or even orange hair from bleaching (we’re not really into that oompaloompa look this season). All of these problems can be dealt with, so don’t be scared to take the plunge! Coloring your hair means taking care of it more, but it all pays off when your color looks on fleek.

Wash your hair in cold water.

I know we all enjoy our steaming hot showers that wash away all our stresses – but they also wash away all our color. Take it from me, who once had pink hair, it looked like a unicorn was dying in my shower when I used hot water on my hair. This is because hot water opens the hair cuticles and relaxes the color molecules in the hair dye, causing it to bleed more. Washing in cold water also helps your hair’s general look, as it makes it more shiny.

Bleached or Colored Hair

Use sulfate-free products.

Sure, sulfates can help get your hair really clean, but it may be to the point that it’s cleaning out your hair color as well! It’s also arguable that sulfates are not good for your hair, colored or not. It can bring frizziness to your hair, and even more damage to colored hair. So be sure to find yourself a sulfate free shampoo – even better if it is made especially for colored treated hair. Purple shampoo is a must-have for those with bleached blonde hair. Keep those awful yellow/oranges away. You went through getting your hair this color, you have to commit by using the right products for it too!

Shampoo only the scalp.

In reality, it’s only your scalp that gets dirty. Focus your shampoo on your scalp, and the rest of the hair will be washed just fine when the shampoo runs through it while washing it out. Applying shampoo directly onto the shaft of your hair will only strip out the color more – not what we want.

Bleached or Colored Hair

Wash your hair less.

The less your wash your hair, the less your color will be washed out. Simple as that. I have trained my hair to stay acceptably clean for 5 days – impressive, I know. That means I only wash my hair once a week. Which means in turn, my color will stay in longer – YASSSS! Also, less washing will dry your hair out less, so it’s a win-win situation.

Get yourself lots of dry shampoo.

Leading on from the point before this one, dry shampoo will be your saviour during your colored hair days. When your roots are looking greasy, pop some dry shampoo up on that b*tch. Colored hair can stay another day.

Bleached or Colored Hair

Treat your hair.

With colored hair, giving it some special treatments can really go a long way. Take that extra 10 minutes to whip up that au natural hair mask and throw it on your hair. Doing a hair mask once or twice a week will keep your dry-prone hair extra silky and soft. Oil treatments are also a holy grail. Something as simple as soaking your hair in coconut oil (easily found at the grocery store) for 10 minutes can give it the renewal it needs. You will feel the difference immediately, I promise.

Blowdry with the cool setting.

Blowdrying can give your hair that lift (as coloring it can make it limp), but heat can obviously add damage to your hair. Blowdrying on cool can solve that problem! Additionally, pat your hair with a towel to get it to the damp stage before you go in with a blowdryer. Don’t forget the heat protectant!

Bleached or Colored Hair

Tone it yourself.

While we do suggest going to a salon for bleaching and professional coloring, you can maintain the color vibrancy yourself. Creating a DIY hair toner is extremely easy to do and give you that boost of color between your salon visits. If your hair is getting brassy and orange/yellow, grab a purple semi-permanent dye, dilute it with a conditioner until it’s a pastel purple. Put that all over your hair and leave it 30-60 minutes and wash out. The purple cancels out the yellow/orange tones that bleached hair can often bring up.

Protect your hair from the sun.

The sun can give us a gold glow, but also fade our hair color. Do not neglect protecting your hair against the natural weather factors. Try wearing a hat, or even get yourself a SPH spray for your hair (yes, it exists).

Bleached or Colored Hair

Filter your water.

Hard water can really damage your hair, especially if it’s color treated. It leaves residue, which in turn makes your hair gross a lot faster, and it also contains minerals that turn your hair brassy real quick. Hard water is kind of a jerk. To fight this, you can get a shower head filter for a reasonable price. It may sound like a hassle, but your water quality can effect your hair significantly.

What do you do to keep your bleached or colored hair in shape?

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